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Going to Run Out of Test C Before Refill Date

I looked at how many vials I have and I only have 3 left but I have to split them up because stupid Walgreens only puts them in 1 ml vials and my urologist would not go above 150 mg (.75 ml) at least yet. They also make you wait a full 90 days to refill not early refills I filled on December 6th they said March 6th is the refill date. I take one injection every Wedneday. They only gave me 9 vials of 1 ml so .75 * 12 = 9 vials I don’t have any extra nor do I take any extra.

February 3rd
February 10th
February 17th
February 24th
March 3rd

I don’t have enough for 5 weeks. The urologist wrote it for 12 weeks but there are actually 13 weeks every 3 months because there are 52 weeks in a year, if there were only 12 weeks every 3 months there’d only be 48 weeks in a year. I just called Walgreens and stupid tech argued with me that I’m taking too much but I don’t even do the injections myself a nurse does and I know she does it right. Has anyone run into an issue like this?

CVS I use only has 1mL vials as well. The larger ones are really becoming scarce. But, the ones I get are always filled to 1.2mL, so there’s a little extra each time.

Is the nurse using low-waste needles? Is he/she throwing extra away without you realizing it?

No she isn’t, I just explained there’s 13 weeks every 3 months if there were only 12 weeks we’d only have 48 weeks in a year because 12 x 4 = 48 13 x 4 = 52 we have 52. So every 3 months there’s an extra week. The doctor only wrote it for 12 weeks thus I’m missing a week.

December had 5 Wednesdays for example, I take one injection every Wednesday.

Yeah, makes sense. 12 weeks is 84 days and you’re 6 days short, so 150mg deficit, basically. You’ve got 5 weeks left and how many vials left? You’ll have to short 30mg each week to make it last, is that right? Doing math on the fly lol

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Sounds about right. I’m going to try to see if the urologist will call it in early not sure if he will. Probably think I’m using too much like the pharmacy tech did lol. Sigh why is everything difficult.

I hate that, them assuming you’re just using too much and not following the rules.

You might be able to convince him with the 12 week vs 90 day rule. If he can do math lol

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You can’t even talk to doctors on phones I had a possible serious health issue the other day and the same urologist had a nurse call me and he was asking her questions that she passed along to me. I guess they are afraid a patient will keep them on the phone a long time or something.

Missing a weeks worth of TRT won’t be the end of the world. Levels will dip a little bit and you might get some light symptoms, for me it would cause a little extra oil on the ole face and maybe some chest/back acne.

That said, I’d be furious if my doctor was too stupid to realize he shorted me a weeks worth even after explaining it to him.

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Yeah and I don’t see him til June so this will happen yet again before i get to see him lol. Oh well I’m glad to hear missing one week isn’t a big deal.

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Are you using insurance? When I was using GoodRX, they were giving me a bottle each month. Then when I switched to insurance to save $8, they got strict. And my buddy who always used insurance told me they were always strict with him. And another guy here said it’s the insurance.

You could call your Dr and tell him/her you are running out and they won’t refill. They may be able to help you out.

Get some UGL Test and stock up on your script. You shouldnt have to live like this

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I get my prescription filled at Walgreens. I’m prescribed 100mg/wk test cyp and I get it in 10ml vials which lasted 10 weeks but now they say only to use a vial for 28 days after puncturing and discard the rest, per the manufacturer (Sun Pharma). So now I get a 10ml vial every 4 weeks.


That is what dreams are made of good sir

WTF, they told me they only have it in 1 ml vials.

Yep… an extra 6 wks worth every month ;^ )


Insurance was the correct answer. The doctor wrote it for 84 day supply because 13 weeks is 91 days and insurance would deny it. That one extra day screws me.

I cannot believe they fell for this. Ah-mazing.

I understand we have to tread carefully on this topic but can you point me to how to do this?

Me either. I mean, they went from not letting me refill until 3 days prior to running out to just trusting me to throw out a schedule III controlled substance.

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CVS used to fill my scripts back to back when I renewed so I would get an extra 10ml vial every three months. They since caught on… doh!