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Going to Run My First

I am 5’11 and 176lbs. The only way i can break that weight is by eating really unhealthy and all that BS. So this is what i was thinking

TBol 15s w/ 100 tabs

oils are in 10mL vials

SUS250 or TEST CYP200 (or maybe both)

Lean Gain 200 (80mg mast p, 60mg test p, 60mg tren a)

PCT: chinese dlomid 50mg 40tabs

arimadex 1mg 30 tabs

I plan to run a cycle assist a week before and throughout along with some milk thistle along with my multi vitamin.fish oils, yadda yadda yadda.

If you guys can help me in measurements in tterms of amounts i should use for each please help me. I also plan to run in 6 weeks. Im hoping to gain 15-10 from it to.

What are your stats age, and lift maxes. Its bull shit you can’t break that weight without gear. I’m 5’7 and 225ish and ate relatively clean to get there.

Secondly do some research your cycle is a jumbled up stupid mess. Were not going to spoon feed you here espeacially considering your looking to use gear because you want a easy way to gain some weight because your not willing to eat.

If you can’t gain weight without eating like shit your not trying hard enough. Get that diet dialed in first before you cycle