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Going to Run 3/5/1 FSL

Im going to run 3/5/1, PRs on wk1 and wk3 and 5x5 FSL and my goal is Size and strenght
u just cant get my head around my accessories atm i have,

M: Squat / Chinups / RDL / Facepulls
T: Bench / Seated Row / Tri Pushdown / Hammer Curl / Lateral Raise
T: Deadlift / Pendlay Row / Lunges / Facepulls
F: OHP / Lat Pulldown / DB Incline / pecdeck / Skullcrushers

i know i have alot on Bench and OHP day, or should i add some pushing to deadlift and squat days as jim recommends? Or would it make my bench suck ass next day

Just do something light on the day before bench, like pushups, and you’ll be fine.

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Normally when you add a new stimuli to your training your numbers will take a hit. Eventually you adapt and are stronger than before due to increased volume, intensity, etc. The beauty of 5/3/1 is you start light with a weight you can hit 3-8 times as a training max. This way you have time to adjust to new stimuli and grow without a worry. Run the programs as written your first or second time through, keep a detailed log of how you feel and perform and adjust after you learn what your body needs and works with.