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Going to Play Football, Advice?

Okay, right now im a high school junior in a class B school (we got about 800 kids) and I started seriously lifting in October. I was 6 ft 1 180 lbs, but now im 215 (I plan on being 225 - 230 lbs by end of May) and all my lifts have improved a lot. A coach talked to me about playing football (something I really hadn’t thought much of, i wasn’t big or strong at the beginning of the year) and told me I would probably play O-Line and D-line, if I was any good. I haven’t played football since 5th grade ( I was 11).


  1. With 3-a-days and 2-a-days coming up in the summer, is it possible for me to put on good amounts of muscle and strength during the summer/fall when football is going on? Right now I love lifting and want to be big and strong, and don’t want football to get in the way.

  2. How would I lift during football? Like, how many times a week and would I want to lift before or after practices?

  3. Any advice for a newbie football player trying to have a lot of playing time his senior season?

This is irrelevant, but I wouldn’t let you on the team. I think it is pretty crappy to let a guy who hasn’t busted his ass along side other players for the last several years on. That’s not saying you haven’t been working hard. But…

  1. I’d focus on power - O-lifts, and such and footwork if you want to maximize your effectiveness on the field.

  2. You basically just try to maintain during the season. A good program will have you lifting (usually after practice) a couple of times a week.

  3. Bust your ass and be physically prepared to play on day one. Be humble because a lot of the other players will be resentful.

  1. During the summer, sure. Eat as much as you can and get your rest. During the season, not so much. Maintanance is your best bet here, as you will be crunched for time and burning an insane amount of calories. During the season you should be lifting, but your number one priority should be football.

  2. Do what your coaches tell you. People really seem to get off thinking coaches are dumbasses, but (usually) they do things their way for a reason. If you wanna hit some extra upper body work, cool. But I wouldnt add in very much extra lower work.

  3. Most important of all: BUST YOUR ASS. Show the coaches that you should be playing. Knock the living shit out of people and come back for more. Do EVERYTHING in practice as hard as you can. Apart from the effort factor, study whatever your coaches tell you. Read your playbook when you’re bored. Put in the extra work if you need it. EDIT: You need it!

God, thinkin about it makes me wanna strap on the gear and destroy someone haha

hoosegow- i can only assume with a mere 800people in his whole school that they have trouble fielding an entire team, especially only guys playing one side of the ball.

First of all, good luck with you’re ambitions to play. As a college football player I can tell you that the guys who “walk on” their senior year aren’t given a lot of playing time. Then again, if you have an athletic ability far above your teammates then they might give you a position. If you want to play you’d have to be Incredibly committed.

As far as lifting goes, the advice mentioned here is spot on. However, as an athlete you should be more concerned with speed, agility, and conditioning. Strength is practically meaningless if you’re winded and slow after a single series. You would need to do speed drills like forty yard sprints, speed endurance drills like 150 meter sprints, conditioning drills like suicides, and agility work with various shuttles. Without these essential training exercises you would risk injuring yourself and ensure a terrible experience.

If you don’t REALLY want to play, then don’t play. If I were on the team I would go out of my way to make you wash out. Not to be a dick, just to make sure that you REALLY want to be there. If you were just along for the ride, I’d find out real quick. If you did want to be there, you’d earn my respect and that of everyone else too. You’d be a part of the team.

Remember, most of the juniors and seniors that you’re playing with paid their dues as freshmen and sophomores by getting their asses stomped in on the scout team. You didn’t, so don’t be surprised if they test you.

Before the season starts, work on your power and explosion lifts. Playing on the line is all about how strong and explosive you are. Give some extra attention to bench, clean, squat and deadlift.

During the season, you should be fine lifting 2 or 3 days a week, as long as you keep it at a light volume.

Also, listen to what all the others have said. If you’re going to walk onto the team senior year, make sure that you work your ass off. Otherwise you’ll just be sat on the bench and disrespected and loathed by your teammates.

Okay, thanks for the responses. I figrued it would be hard to just walk in and on day one (or even by the start of the season) have the starting job against guys that have been playing for years. One thing I will have on them is lower body strength.

Not trying to sound like a jerk or anything, but most kids in my school are pretty week. My numbers after 3 serious months of lifting are equal to or higher than most of theirs. Problem is im carring around a little bit more fat then them.

Right now im seriously considering trying, and if it turns out I hate it, then I will quit, but if I like it why not try? However, I now have a new goal this summer instead of gaining weight: I want to cut most of my fat.

I feel it would be better for football, so this summer im going to try to lose 25-30 lbs of fat (hopefully) with practices, lifting, and good nutrition. Do you guys think it is do-able for me to lose fat and keep most of my muscle this summer?

Again, thanks for the advice/answers. Im not freakishly athletic or anything, but i’ve always been a committed and hard worker so I feel I have a chance to earn playing time. It’s my senior year of high school, my last chance to play sports really, so if I don’t do it now, I may regret it down the road.

P.S. to coolnatedawg: we have quite a few of our guys go out for football, but yeah anyone with athleticism stands a chance of playing.

If you’re even entertaining quitting as an option, do yourself and everyone else a favor and don’t sign up.

[quote]fisch wrote:
Right now im seriously considering trying, and if it turns out I hate it, then I will quit, but if I like it why not try?

Don’t bother.