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Going to NYC July 4th to 9th


Im planning on staying in Astoria,Queens with my sister and I will be hanging around that area as well as Manhattan. If anybody can recommend me some good ethnic restraunts,any up coming festivals or events,or anything intresting to check out,that would be great. Im not really into the tourist thing. (Statue of Liberty,WTC,Empire State building,ect.,) Thanks.


If you make it here on Saturday, go to the first Saturdays at The Brooklyn Museum. Its a cool party/cultural vibe in the BK. As far as restaurants are concerned, you'll find plenty in Astoria.


I dunno if you ever been to the Statue of Liberty but if you haven't you gotta check it out at least once.

Don't know about Astoria but you should try different all the ethnic food in NY. I'm talking about African, Jamaican, ect...stuff you don't find just any where.


Chevy's in Times Square.

Its a little hole in the wall Mexican place that not many people know about.


The BEST burgers are at Broome Street Bar & Grille. The bar has a great old vibe as well. (http://local.yahoo.com/info-11062559-broome-street-bar-grill-new-york)



Here you go kiddo! Just peruse that and you'll find something.


The Hot dog eating contest is happening at Coney, i forget when...maybe saturday? That's not super exciting, but you should just go to Coney anyways, especially if its hot as balls out and you've never been there.

And its 4th of July...so be careful!


Thanks guys,keep the suggestions coming! What about any cool shops I could check out? I need some new clothing so I was holding out for this trip to buy some stuff from H&M but maybe similar style clothing can be found elsewhere? Oh and should Astoria be explored too? My sister lives off of either 30th Ave. or 36th Ave. near the Greeks and I absolutely love the area. Great atmosphere,lots of local lounges,and it seems that every Greek girl I seen has a huge chest.


I was there last year, its a good time.

You gotta go see Joey Chestnut defend the Mustard Belt.


I love Coney Island because of all the Russian girls...so yea go there.


Whats there to do over there?


Go to the Astoria beer gardens. There is an Indian place on 53rd and 3rd called Dar Bar that has a great all-you-can lunch buffet for ~12$. Brooklyn botanical garden if you want to be outside - suppose to be almost 90 most of the weekend though. Betel pricey but delicious Thai in g-village, Wondee Siam I,II,&III in Hell's Kitchen also good but cheaper. You can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and get Lombardi's pizza, walk around Brooklyn Heights promenade, ect. Cottage @ 77th & Columbus with inexpensive Chinese and free carafes of cheap wine. Peter Lugar's steakhouse in Brooklyn if you can afford it. Also a Mexican deli that is impossible to pronounce or spell @ 48th and 10th ave that makes authentic tacos in the back - very good.

Hope that helps, enjoy NYC


Dude, its Coney Island! Its a landmark of sorts - beach with a boardwalk. Its home to the Cyclone roller coaster, a total cheap thrill. Also god people watching - everyone who's no one goes there. And yes, hot Russian girls in bathing suits.

If you like H&M, just go down Broadway below Houston (pronounced House-ton). lots of H&My kinds of stuff. Then you can go right into China town and have yourself some good/authentic chinese food. Or better yet, Dim Sum!! Get it any day, it served until 3:30p.

So much to do in the city. I love when people come visit me so that I can do all the things that i never get a chance to.


So do I need to bring my own toothbrush or are we sharing again?


Try a place called Kenka in St. Mark's Place. It's a Japanese place that specializes in odd foods like bull penis, frog legs and tons of other interesting things. It's also known for having the cheapest beer in the city. I think it's Sapporo, though. There's also this amazing slider place on the same block which I really like. There are plenty of great odd stores on St. Mark's, actually. Can't really go wrong by going there. You can spend a good few hours just having fun and goofing off in all of them. A place you should definitely try, though, is Gray's Papaya. The one on 72nd is especially notorious for the amount of homeless people that solicit you. It's great. The hotdogs aren't spectacular or anything, but they're really cheap and most people get one of their odd fruit drinks with them. A great place to shop would be SoHo, and there are tons of clubs. Try Santo's Party House. Have fun!


Again,Thanks for the suggestion. Im going have to figure out what to pick and choose what to do because there's noway I can fit all this in the span of 5 days with a budget of a 800.


Well, so you know, my suggestions of Gray's Papaya, Kenka and the slider place next to Kenka are all really cheap.


Coney island boardwalk is like the east coast equivalent of venice beach, CA.

Lots of crazies there.


Holy fucking tits,2 more days. Btw,are there any good bars to watch the World Cup?


^ The ESPN bar on Broadway.. always packed, tho...

If this has already been posted, forgive me.. I did not skim the posts and went straight to post.

Check out 'Restaurant Row'.. it's located in the Times Square district on 46th Street in between 8th and 9th Ave.. very close to Broadway. It's all restos.. like the streets are all lined with little restos and you have your choice of ethnicity. Wicked place to check out, even if you don't eat anywhere there, it's def worth just checking out.

There is a dope Indian Chinese resto in the area that is just ridiculously fabulous.. true Indian/Chinese cuisine, none of that western fusion ish. I will dig out the business card and post details for you. :slightly_smiling:

I looooooooove NYC.. put yo' hands up for NEW YORK cuz I love that city!!!


Luckily, a lot of this stuff can be had on the cheap as it's walking around and looking at shit.

That said, I would not go there with $800 and plan on spending money on clothes, unless you didn't list your clothes budget.

Just go to Kohls or some shit like that when you get back. They have nice H&M style shirts that you can get on the cheap and still look good.