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Going to New jersey


Whats up everyone from New Jersey?

Im going to Ocean City for eight days starting tommorow. I'm wondering if there is anything special I should do while im here? Apparently I will be 2 or 3 blocks from the ocean which is very cool!!! so other than going to the beach to hit on girls.....which of course will be done!!

I know we have a few regular posters living in or near Jersey. let me know whats to do!


Have fun.


Go to 9th Street on the boardwalk and get Mack and Mancos pizza. There is none finer in the nation.

If you drink, you'll have to get your alcohol off the island because it's a dry town. The good news is that there's a huge liquor store in Marmora, just over the 34th St. bridge.


HAHA!! I'm really hoping the beach isnt like that! my fingers are crossed...


I actually know the really gigantic dude in that video. Only NJ.


This is good to know. My Dad mentioned the city being a "dry city"> I will try to make it to the pizza place>


I think that shit was filmed around Belmar, which is the NORAD for guidos. Stay away from Sleaside and those kinds of beaches, they suck.

Ocean City is waaaayyy nicer, more of a family spot. I haven't been there in a couple years, but it's cool there. A little bit of an older crowd, mid twenties instead of... well, that shitstorm you see in the video.


Since when was mid-twenties an older crowd? Aren't you 25? that IS mid-twenties lol


I kinda figured that it would be nicer there. we are renting a house that belongs to a lady that is in her early 70's. Doubt she would put up with those kind of people.

I think it would be fun to go to one of the sleezy beaches just for a day to see the ridiculous people! Maybe pick up a dirty jersey girl along the way.....


Hahahahahaha. Mid-twenties and up, I meant. You'll get people like me, who's heavy drinking days are behind them and they're hanging out with girlfriends, and that's mixed with families and what not.

Those 25-year olds who are still in that phase tend to go to more party spots like Belmar. The younger kids, 21 and under, will go to the cheap, shitty places.


No problem there, just hang at the boardwalk in the PM-- they'll be there. For some 'top notch' South Jersey beach skankage, hit the Wildwood boardwalk some evening. It's a different breed of skank than the 'northern' Jersey skanks. I think LBI is the real dividing line between the two species.

On another note, south of OC is Sea Isle and Avalon, both are pretty nice towns/beaches. On the north side of the island (Bay Ave?), you can rent wave runners and stuff (there's probably more places since I lived there).


It really isn't. I'm not kidding when I say that everyone is looking for a fight, and everyone is drunk. God forbid you walk the boardwalk with a cute girl on your arm, some spiky haired faggot will want to provoke you. Maybe it's because I been through it so many times that I hate it so passionately, but if you're over 22 you don't want to do it.

Most Jersey girls are the best. The ones on those beaches... bottom of the barrel.


Only the classiest of women in Wildwood.


I always thought it was the Raritan Bridge.


Perspective. From a 'deep south' Jersian, Raritan is waaaay north. We always called the line between Trenton and Tom's River the real divider.


hahahah. You may as well be talking about Mexico and Guatamala for me.


T-Shirt: "I went to Wildwood and all I got was this lousy venereal disease"

Nah, Wildwood is great. For a good time, go on the boardwalk some night and yell "GINA!" or "LISA!"


I'm a Jersey Shore regular... Ocean City is for the family... If you're looking to go out and get the nightlife Sea Isle City is a good time which is basically about 20 min drive from OC... Wildwood is also a good time but a little further from OC.

If you're under 21, I'd go to Wildwood and check out the boardwalk or you can just check the OC boardwalk, not as big and not as crowded. Over 21 and you have money... Avalon is where you go if you want to meet the rich people.

You'll find a lot of Flyers players in Avalon and Sea Isle. You'll find a lot of cougars who want to get down in Wildwood. That's all folks, time for me to get outta work and make my trip to the Jersey shore!!




So it sounds like where im at is a family beach. Not surpised I am with family. HAHA

So maybe I will try and hit up Wildwood with my sister who is 21 and my brother who is 28. I'm 25 ftw.