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Going to need some advise here, Mr. Roberts

I’m going for this 2 weeks on 4 weeks off, starting tomorrow. I’m going to do 600mg primobolan depot day 1(no more primobolan). Also 40-50mg dbol/day. Clomid after the cycle, but dont know how much. Is 100mg week 3 and 50mg week 4 enough?

Also: When will the primobolan and the dbol kick in? I put on fat easilly so don’t want to start eating like a maniac just yet. From earlier experiense I start gaining fat in the beginning of week 2. So I was thinking of maybe start eating a lot more than usuall(+1000kcal) on day 4 or 5. What do U say? Would like some help here!

I think that androgens either start working within hours – it just takes a number of days
for enough gains to have accumulated to be
noticeable – or if not immediately, within
a few days. I follow the same diet from day 1
of the cycle.

Clomid after the cycle in my opinion is best
done with 300 mg on the first day (50 mg over six doses during the day) followed by 50 mg/day. The reason for the large loading dose
is that when having taken 50 mg/day for a while, you have in your system besides the 50 mg you just took about another 250 mg left
over from previous days – the drug has a long
half life.