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Going to Mexico, Crazy?


Me and about 8 of my friends are flying to LA and sailing to Mexico in a few days. I've been under attack by so many people in the last few months telling me not to go. Between the cartels and now the pig flu, people are going nutty!

I'm not worried at all, neither are any of the crew.

I've done all sorts of research and believe that it's just another sickness. Nothing to worry about.

Am I (are we all) fooling ourselves?

Most of the people coming at me with all this "stay home" crap read the news papers and only watch the daily news; so obviously they are scared shitless.

I'm more or less just venting here but; it's retarded to think that so many people will hear the word "pandemic" and freak out and cancel their lives until the "picture box" says it's ok to go outside.


I don't know man. More cases are showing up. The one thing what would concern me is getting care in Mexico if you need it. Local people aren't even getting medicine, so why would you being a foreigner? Just consider if you get sick, what are the chances that you will get help. Not trying to deter you.


I think you should just go.


Well, when you get kidnapped, make sure they don't violate your anus. And hopefully Mexican SWAT teams can save you. Hopefully.


honestly man, you guys could spend your money on another trip that doesn't have to deal with all this crap.

then again, if i was going to travel to mexico, i'd only go if you were going, brock


Go and get some juice.




It's Guy Love It's Guy Love...


As an American currently living in Baja California, Mexico I've been hearing all about the swine flu from my friends and family in the states. I would say go depending on where your traveling to. Sounds to me since your sailing that you would be around the Baja peninsula which hasn't had any cases so far. Most of the cases have been in Mexico City. I have seen some Mexican people around town wearing mouth shields for what thats worth.

On the mainland they have canceled flights in and out of Mexico City and have canceled school and any events that bring a large number of people together in an effort to contain the virus. None of that has happened on the Baja.

Have a fun trip.



a map of cases in the us.

theres been cases in San Diego and imperial counties in cali already.
I would not worry too much take the general precautions you would any other time to not get the flu.

if your going to get it your gonna get it no mater where you are.
just go and have a good time


Wow half a dozen people get diagosed and are subsequently cured from the same virus, time to head to the fallout bunker.


I'm Mexican and I've have family living in some parts of Mexico and I haven't heard nothing bad from them about this "swine flu".

Don't worry about the cartels. Unless you walk around like some hot shot flashing money around nobody is going to do shit. Most of the violence is among rival cartels and people who owe them money or might be loaded with money.

Go have some fun :D.


Not until he admits to wanting a MMF threesome with B Rock.

Wait for it..



I wouldn't go. I had a physiology prof in high school that went to South East Asia during the SARS scare and yes he got it, and was quarantined for a while...he turned out ok, but point is that YES it can happen to you.

Positive: Kidnappers in Mexico City (is that where you'll be?) are likely to be indoors, trying to avoid the flu.

Negatives: Well, duh...

Can't you go to the Bahamas?


I live close to the border and I don't think I'm going any time soon. I had been discouraged with all the military soldiers and so many checkpoints, that just adding this virus to the list will definitely make me not want to go. I would plan something else, you're probably just going to spend it on the ship and with a mask on. Mexico is canceling all public events such as night clubs, soccer games, concerts, school, and many more public gatherings. Good luck and here is a phrase you will need to know:

-donde esta el hospital?


I am all for a good adventure.

However, intentionally putting yourself at risk not only of getting killed by a drug cartel, but also being infected by a virus that mutates quickly, has never been seen before, and is spreading around the world in days with the potential to kill... that's a little rough.

What I can say is this- the drug cartels are serious business. You can very easily get caught in crossfire just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. TO be honest, Mexican policia, they ain't much better.

And Mexican hospitals, should something happen to you (anything really) are probably more likely to kill you then help you, especially at this point. So me? I wouldn't go right now, but more because Mexico is approaching the point of being a failed state then because of any influenza.

But then I'm the same guy who's trying to get a job with the AP so they send me to Africa, so I guess I'm a hypocrite.


I've driven to Tijuana 3 times, was robbed by cops twice. One even put a gun to my head. Good thing we had a guy that spoke spanish with us.


Also take into account that should the influenza actually become very bad, countries may begin shutting off borders.

With the state of panic that is being whipped up over this thing, it's not out of the realm of possibilities. Also consider that upon returning, you may be quarantined.

Again, likely? No. Possible? Absolutely.


Besides, if you're stopping in L.A., why go to Mexico? theres plenty of Mexican and Asian girls in L.A.!!!


I'm already here...I'm in San Luis Potosi right now, its north of Mexico City. Everyone is wearing masks everywhere and shit. I think its getting a little blown out of proportion though. I think around 40,000 people die every year in the States from the regular flu anyway.

I've been here for a week now, a lot of people are freaking out. The thing I'm worried most about is being quarantined in Mexico, meaning I can't go back to Florida. I've heard rumours that might happen...but I think I'll be ok.


i heard if you get married in mexico, it's not legal in the U.S.