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going to Maine

I’m going to be going down to Maine in the next upcoming week. Does anyone know of any good places to hit for supplements? (Aside from the GNC’s and/or the Vitaminworld in Kittery…)


Where do you live if you are going “down” to Maine? I’m just kidding. Actually, I have no idea where to guy, but my good friend, Eric Cressey lives up there. If he doesn’t respond, I’ll send him a quick email.

I live in Kennebunk. There isn’t much around here besides GNC, which is why I buy all my stuff online. There is a new place called “Mainely Supplements” in Saco, but I can’t comment on selection or price, as I haven’t been in yet.

C’mon…not even one reply? Gosh, I guess everyone just assumes the stereotypes about us Mainers are all true. Take away all the shotguns, snowmobiles, incest, and blizzards, and this place has a few nice things to offer (at least my town). Where else can you stand in line with George Bush at Wal-Mart while he’s on vacation?