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Going to Lose Weight in 2019. Help?



Would you expect someone with a university education to be able to google “calorie expenditure calculator” or similar?


She said that she was already using a TDEE calculator, (but didn’t know much about it). She was accused of trolling because C.C. thought that a molecular biologist should KNOW offhand how to calculate caloric expenditure. The science behind human caloric expenditure is pretty specialized and not something that would come up in a molecular biology education. The only degree program where I learned about the factors in human caloric expenditure was my exercise physiology MS where it was very relevant and came up regularly. I never encountered it in biophysics, biochem, or undergrad biology or chemistry programs and my wife says that in medical school they were basically instructed to use standardized tables and “titrate” which is probably the best way to do it anyway. Complex regression equations that are used to estimate caloric expenditure in humans are still in the developmental stage in the field of exercise physiology with competing formulas that include or exclude different biometric/biophysiological pieces of data.

There shouldn’t have been an emphasis on her being a molecular biologist. A lawyer or social worker would have been as likely to have specialized knowledge in human caloric expenditure. As I wrote, the emphasis should be that someone who is smart, and finds it important to them should be able to learn about how many calories she burns a day fairly easily. Its more about self reliance than educational exposure.


As verbally diarrheic as ever, I see.

I believe Chris’s contention was that someone as educated as she should not be quite so useless at figuring shit out for herself.


Let’s be candid. What would you do if you were an educated processional: go to a reputable source, such as T Nation, and do a quick article search on diet, weight loss, etc. Do your research then embark on a programme? Or, go to a forum and ask a bunch of keyboard warriors (I include myself) a very broad question and expect a bespoke programme peppered with divine-like wisdom? Frankly, I’m surprised she has generated such a thread. It is a quiet period this time of year, so maybe we have nothing better to do.


There is nothing about her being a molecular biologist that is relevant to this being a troll.

It is relevant that she joined 5 days ago apparently JUST to ask a bunch of strangers if anyone can “help her out?”


The reason I gave a long answer is because you asked this, when two posts prior I wrote:

and when she had already written that she had found and tried to use

(Those are online-you don’t go to office depot to pick one up)

It makes it hard to guess at how much I need to slow down for you since your exact question had already been specifically answered. I hedged on “extra slow”.


Still not getting it. Could you post a third rambling reply just to make it clear?


@mertdawg @Yogi1
You are both smart guys and give good advice. Why are you getting pissed at each other over someone else (you both agree is) being lazy?

I love to read insults as much as anyone, but color me curious here.


Fuck it, there’s no point getting into it




Incorrect. You went way overboard overanalyzing this whole thing, man. The fact is, the comment about not knowing much about calorie expenditure was the straw that broke the trolling camel’s back and was the latest in a long line of things that just didn’t smell kosher (based on user ID info that I have access to, as well as a simple Google of the name and avatar).

I don’t think it’s a stretch to expect a researcher who’s published data involving the food intake, energy expenditure, and activity levels in obese mice to be able to understand and apply the basics to “her” own situation as well.

Amy is more than welcome to come back and continue the discussion, clear things up, and get more advice, but the fact that she’s gone radio silent after the troll-issue came up would tend towards it being entirely appropriate. I could be wrong (it’s happened before) but I really doubt it here.


I assumed not a troll because i genuinely can’t wrap my head around the idea that someone would make posts like this if they weren’t genuine. I don’t understand it.


Some guys in India have really weird hobbies/“jobs”.

But the fact that I just noticed “she” popped back in yesterday and, instead of addressing anything that was brought up, tried to edit an earlier post to now spam some link to a TDEE calculator site would kinda indicate… I was right.


What a coincidence, I was just watching YouTube videos of guys wasting Indian scammers’ time on the phone and now we have Indian mofos on here as well lol


I’m too old for this internet thing.


I’m with you. I really don’t get it


You’ve had Indian mofos on here since 2016 my friend :joy:


A great 2019 resolution. I love it that you have decided to drop some 15 lbs. All that you need to do is to check what you eat, and exercise. Weight loss journey is a difficult one. Many people start it but just a handful of them finish it. But with the zeal and the commitment I have gouged from the tone of your writing, I am positive that this is something you can do. It is a journey you can walk


@arose2018 That’s quite a “zeal-meter” you’ve got. Was it the “skipping” “planks” or “plans to become vegan?”