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Going to Las Vegas


I'm going to Las Vegas in a couple of days for a 3 day music festival.

But I will also have a couple of free days to do whatever.

For you that have been to Las Vegas, what do you generally like to do/go?


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Remember that.


During the day time hit up the pools, not sure if they still do it, but on Fridays the Palms has a sick pool party. This time of year is great for that. If you like stripclubs etc, Spearmint or Bricks. Unless you are doing bottle service avoid the clubs. Try not to walk into a tattoo parlor drunk.


almost forgot, if you are going to do the strip club thing, dont just hop a cab. There are guys trolling the streets looking for groups of dudes to take to the clubs. They will usually pick you up in a limo, feed youa few drinks and pay your cover to get in. They get paid by the strip clubs to find dudes, get them drunk and in the clubs, so milk them for all it is worth.

They will try to pretend they are just local dudes looking for other guys to party with and will pretend like they have no affiliation to the club, so make sure you go to the club you want, not the one they want and and again, milk as many drinks as you can from them.


If you like coffee, go to New York New York (or whatever it's called you'll know what I'm talking about). There's a cafe style restaurant that's like French or Italian ( I don't remember). Anyway, the best coffee I've ever had. No joke, I'm still trying to figure out what kind of coffee it is and the last time I had it was April 2011.

Edit: It's called "Il Fornaio" it's Italian.



I really dug Fremont when we were there. It's older and less spectacular than the Strip, but I found it had a really fun, laid back street party kind of atmosphere. The casinos are way smaller, so you can wander in and out to a bunch of different places easily. It's kind old and dingy in places and pretty campy in others, but I love that crap.


Here's a pic from my trip.

I mostly just went clubbing and gambling.

Have fun :slightly_smiling:


Agree with this, it's cheaper too.


Music festivals have a lot of groupies and slappers up for "fun".

How much more eager are they in Viva Las Vegas?


I'm assuming you are going to EDC this weekend?


Bingo. Pool party, strippy bar, sleep, repeat.


I disagree here, I was not impressed at all with the "strippy bars" in Vegas. Too expensive and pretty lame I thought. Now if you go to Pattaya Beach Thailand, well then ya "strippy bar" it up. Just check the goods if you decide to take a girl back, oh and wear a bio hazard suit.


You are out of your mind. Spearmint Rhino is the largest and one of the highest rated strip clubs in the entire world. It is expensive if you pay cover, but I already told you how to avoid that, or get lapdances like a schmuck. Just sit back on a beer or two and enjoy the show.


I wouldn't know where to begin. I love Vagas. Don't hang around with your smartphone loosely in your hand, some dick will try to steal it, especially outside of the casinos. Wouldn't have happened in the mob days, but those days are gone.

Don't be afraid of the older casinos for gambling, they usually have the lowest minimums. Circus Circus is a dump stay away. The Wynn and Belagio are the prettiest, IMO.

There's lot's of really good all you can eat sushi places out side the main strip. You'll get raped on the strip.

I think it's easier if you tell us you are interested in.


I guess, I don't remember where we went. You had to buy a bottle of over priced whatever to sit at a table. Girls were okay and it was Saturday night.


Thanks for the advice you guys.

-That's interesting how people are actually trying to pick guys up to take to them strip clubs their affiliated. I'm not sure it's worthwhile for me, from what I've heard, aren't they not allowed to go bottomless in US clubs? That's pretty lame, plus I'm bringing girls with me on the trip. In Canada they can legally go bare ass nude!

-I'm going to a pool party for one of the girl's birthday's in my group

-I do like coffee, but am not a connoisseur. I will check it out if I'm in the area. Will probably need a cup, since the festival I'm attending runs 3 days in a row from 7pm-7am and I don't do drugs.

  • I think I recall being on Fremont when I visited Vegas as an adolescent with my parents. I remember being in a place where the ceiling was filled with light images for tourists (don't remember what it was called). The resident gambler in our group, the one who will be dropping a good amount of cash at the casinos will probably decide where to gamble, but I'll suggest Fremont.

-Yes, I'm going to EDC Las Vegas. I'm sure there will be some rave whores out looking for action. American girls are known for being ridiculously slutty.



Roaming charges are ridiculous for Canadian providers. I will only be using my cellphone in my hotel to use the internet via Wifi.

I will however have a disposal cellphone.

I do really love sushi, feel free to give some good food/buffet suggestions.

One thing I always try to grab while in the US is southern BBQ. I saw a place on food network called roadkill grill but it's pretty far to travel to from the strip unless you have a car.


You cant go to mcdonalds once and then tell other people that hamburgers in general arent all that they are cracked up to be. Also I have seen my share of thailand's strip clubs. there are still things I can't unsee.


Any all you can eat? I've been told to go the Bellagio buffet. They apparently have a good sushi selection though I'm suspicious of buffets that offer a wide variety of cuisines.


Your analogue doesn't fit. I didn't go to one strip club and say all strip clubs are bad. Or I didn't see Rosie O'Donnel topless and think all female breasts must make everyone puke.

All I'm saying is, in my experience, the strip clubs in Vegas aren't special. There are way more things to do in Vegas that are special. Hell I've been to clubs all over the states and in several other countries as good if not better than in Vegas.

Maybe the one you mentioned is special, but it very well could of been the one I went to, I don't remember.