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Going to Klitshcko/Areolla


IM GOING!!!! just bought the tickets, I have a buddy that lives in LA, gonna go for the weekend, explore LA and watch the fight!!! Im exited. First championship fight that I will be seeing in person.


That is AWESOME man!!!

Take pictures motherfucker!!!!!


i will, soutwest airlines, 100 dollars round trip, you should come too. if you buy your tickets i will buy you dinner and drinks!!!


and YOU KNOW if nipples clocks the big bad russian, all the latinos (including myself) are going to go freaking nuts!!!

god i hope VK stays healthy for this fight to happen, there are going to be bombs landing all over the place!


Wow, great!

Some say that Arreola is tailor made for Vitali, but I don't believe it. No matter what, it's gonna be hell of a fight. Vitali has good chin, but Arreola's crazy, lunging hook-uppercut combos are fuckin' powerful.

P.S. Cristobal would be a badass champ for sure. If he doesn't succeed with VK, I would love to see him bang with the Hayemaker.


awesome man.. areola is going to get wrecked though.


I expect the same. In my opinion, he'd have a better chance against Wlad.


agreed, this is a bad matchup for arreola, with wlad, he would have a punchers chance of bum rushing and catching wlad early. VK though, has a GRANITE chin, and i say many full force full extension, leveraged powershots hit him right on the button from Lennox, and he did NOT go down.

however, VK is old, and often injured. so first he has to make it through a camp healthy, and then we will see if he "gets old" in the ring against the big hungry aggressive young contender.


It's all about heart brother. Arreola got the eye. He's gonna do it.

And I'd love to go to LA but the funds aren't there. Otherwise I'd go man. Have some Jameson for me though!


will do irish.




I'm Latino, so I want a Latin How but...having watched Arreola's fights and Klitschko's... I don't think Arreola has a change of winning, he's going to bring it for sure but, Klitschko is going to catch him technically in way that will leave flat on his ass and canvased out, in a way you least expect it.


maybe, but klit is OLD and often injured. if he is fresh and healthy for this fight, I agree, Arreola is in for a very tough and long unpleasant experience.

But like i have said many times, fighters can suddenly "get old" in the ring right before our eyes. there last fight might have been ok, might have had a decent camp, but they step into a ring on a given night late in their careers a and they suddenly look old.

IF this happens to V.K., in there with a big aggressive young talented fighter, he is in trouble.


Looking forward to this bout!

Arreola certainly has the heart.


Look who's backing off the Klitschos' collective nutsack right before the fight... gettin nervous there buddy? :wink:


hahaha! you know i am a Klit fan!!! but you also know I am stoked at the possibility of the first Latino heavyweight champion!! so it is not "backing off" as much as being "torn". lol

im still up for a friendly wager though. who do you take and what do you wager? hmmm...?


You been under a rock? Ruiz.


???he held at one time the BS title that valuev now holds. I did not (as most respected people in the boxing community) recognize that as a legitimate championship.

VK has the title that the last undisputed heavy weight champ had, the WBC, the title (among others) Lennox had.


I'm not betting on that one buddy. I don't like any of the heavyweights enough to wager ANYTHING on them. I'm just pulling for Arreola. hahaha


Seems like Vitali Klitschko made it to the weigh-ins uninjured. Barring an injury during the fight, I don't see him losing.