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Going to India


Hey folks,

I'm heading to India on the 18th of this month; high adventure and all that.

Has anyone been there, and, if so, what would you recommend I do and see?

What to stay away from?

I'm flying into Delhi, and will be there for 10 days.

Thanks so much for any help you can give.



I've been to mumbai, don't know much about Delhi.

Stick to bottled water and bring a water bottle with filter just in case. The water is nasty.

As with any third world country, you will be a walking dollar sign so act accordingly. Keep your money in your sock or one of those pouches that fits under your shirt (can't think of the name)

Hire a driver/take public transport if you have to go long distances. Don't try to drive yourself. They are fucking crazy drivers and in the event of a wreck, you will be the guilty party no matter what due to your foriegn status.


Always wear a condom. :slight_smile:

Just messing with you man. Be safe and bring back pictures.

So you will be missing the game where Dallas kicks the Jets ass?


Ronnie Coleman is going there as well.


10 days is pretty short for India, by the time you get acclimated to the timezone your trip will have basically come to an end.

Off the top of my head:

-As said earlier drink only bottled water but also eat nothing raw (fruit or vegetables), chutney, ketchup or any other sauces. Eat shit loads of eggs, the eggs there are extremely fresh and taste way better than anything you can get here. I would also avoid street food vendors altogether.

-Go to the Taj Mahal (obvious) which is only a couple hours drive from New Delhi. When buying tickets for the Taj Mahal if you can get a local to buy your ticket it will save you a lot of money. They charge $20+ to foreigners and only a couple of dollars to locals.

-If you buy something MAKE SURE YOU BARTER. A lot of the time you can get them to drop the price by 50% or more.


Also this:



Haha, nope. That game is the 11th. I'll be there -- front row seats, actually. look
for me on TV. I'll be the good looking guy with the smug look of satisfaction after the game.


Okay now I am Jelly really front row seats? Did you hair grow back?


Fantastic. I figured the bottled water and raw foods, but didn't know about the ketchup. Good insight. Great tip on the eggs. Thank you!


Strange. Like, really, really strange. But, maybe we'll go. Could be fun.


Yup, front row.

Kept the hair short-ish for the summer, but it's not buzzed anymore.


Okay man you HAVE to take some pictures and post on here.

Will just kill Matty and Me to see that.

Again have fun and be safe.


When a cab or limo driver tells you to "hold your breath"......do it instantly.


You want to come to Delhi why....?

Worth checking out Leh, Manali, Andaman Islands if you can, Agra of course, Kerala and Goa.

Bring Supplements with you if you plan to use them, unless you like spending 100 USD for protein and 50 for fish oils.

Don't expect English to be that widely spoken. Oh and trust no one.




Oh and given the short time you are staying, I guess you will be flying places rather than taking the train? If so this website is great as it gives you a list of all the different prices for the month from all the companies flying that route. http://www.yatra.com/


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