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Going to Hell.....

Hey guys check out this link. I only got a 272. Doubt I’m alone though.


I got a 58 damn I suck! lol

I only scored a 205.

Score : 164…only 36 more points before being damned for eternity…cool. This probably isn’t something I should be bragging about.

Shit, I thought I’d be up there… I only got 118. How the fuck did you get over 200?

Looks like Alicia is a dirty little birdy. :wink: Good number.

134–enjoying life to the max

i scored big points for making someone else sleep in the wet spot…and for rug burns…and…damn, i have been a very bad girl. ;o)

A mere 77.

136…not bad, but then again, I’m only 25. :wink:

Wow, I thought I partied pretty hard and lived College life to the fullest- I guess not as I got a 59!

136…not bad, but then again, I’m only 25. :wink:


would have been higher, answered truthfully on a technicality (like not being arrested-technically :slight_smile:

I got the points for making someone sleep in her own wet spot and for carpet burns as well.



If you put yes for everything you only get 276…

wow that is a high score…

just have some questions

what was it like to

pass out durring sex must have been embarrassing

why is it that you are turned on by animals/dead people…

sorry about the STD …

Not gonaa bother with that test…I already know :slight_smile:


And pretty frickin’ proud of it.

Has anybody ever licked an eyeball??

What would turn you on about that?

Mud Dog, I also thought WTFF when I read that.

WOW I got 37 not even the lowest, a lot of people on here must be takeing advantage of drunk women or men, while doing drugs and lusting for animals! I thought people on here like to take care of their bodies, not posioning them. I got a lot of points for takeing virginity, what if your married?