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Going To Gym Because You're Bored?


I did tonight. Decided I needed something to do, so I went and did pullups, and screwed around trying to learn how to clean.

Anyone else do this? Just make an extra session for no real reason?


after school in high school i used to do that...just wanted to get "pumped" for no real reason....prolly cuz i was bored


Mods, how do you get the stars in the thread rating to go negative?


not the gym really-this is more of a habit good one at that =]- but i have gone to the basketball gym or something like that when I'm bored.


Any reason is a good reason to train.


This was good. How serious can you be if you feel like doing extra sessions?


how serious can you be if you go to the gym because you don't have anything better to do.


Probably pretty serious if your getting multiple workouts in a day.


hahahaha... that gave me a good laugh, thanks for that one


Going in because your bored doesn't make you serious. Making time to train makes you serious. If you have enough energy to go to the gym to fuck around you're not working hard enough to begin with. Of course then again you might not want to overtrain your precious littl muscles.


Yes exactly. I get absolutely crippling soreness from my training and the LAST thing I want to do on my off days is train. If I had the urge to go clean or do chins then chances are I wasn't quite training as hard as I like to think I am.


But what if follow one of Chad Waterbury's routines and stop about 2 reps short of failure. The routine calls for two days rest? I have done this a few time- Especially on weekends.