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Going to Get Huge from Winstrol V


I've been lifting for 1 year and have done 2 cycles but they didn't really work that well(test and d/bol).I have done more research then some university professors on Steroids and I have decided to go with winstrol orals.

They just came today.I feel they will be the best steroid to bulk me up.I don't want to put a number on it but for my 3 week cycle I should gain about 20 lbs of solid muscle.

If anybody needs any advice let me know.

I'm here for u.






This will not end well.

  1. is this a joke?

  2. 3 cycles in first year of training is craziness

  3. do some more research. a lot more.

  4. Going to Get Huge from Winstrol V= funny as hell


Boring. At least be original next time.


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LOL! Pleaze will you advise me?

I want to be hyoge but i dinna want the bith tits or small dikck.

Would i like to use the Winnstrol too? Where can i get it from? I looked on steroids.com but i wasnt sure if winni-V is the same.




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Guys I should have given a little more info.

I have 15 inch biceps right now and that isn't even after I'mm pumped up.I'm guessing they will get up to 17 or even 18 inch biceps by the time I am done my cycle.I weigh 195lbs and have a 38 inch waist.I can't say how I look but I score with the ladies on a regular basis.

I've probably spent over 2000 hours researching everything there is to know about steroids.I don't want to sound cocky but I don't think I could learn anything new so that is why I plan on experimenting using my body as the test subject.

I would be posting pics on a regular basis of myself but I haven't bought a camera yet.

Once again I am not an egomaniac that is why I have offered to help everbody who needs it.

The only thing that I am confused about is what I am to take to stop the gyno from happening.I have been told to take novaldex at 10-20mg everyday and clomid 2 weeks after my last winny oral.

If u help me out on this then I can help out hundred's or possiblly thousands of people.

From one expert to my fellow bodybuilders Thanks for the warm welcome.

Remember I'm here for u.


2000 hours...


Much better second post lol. I do enjoy a troll that has put some effort in.

It looks like you have all of your bases covered. Spend that two thousand first hour researching gyno and you'll be ready to write a book.

One piece of advice
Since you have 15in arms and 38in waist it would probably be best if you tried to bulk and cut at the same time. Best of both worlds ya know...




Brooke my best advice in getting huge but not wanting the bith tits or small dikck would be to get on a solid cycle.

I really don't think u should take the vinstrol V yet as u may get huge to quickly.This isn't a steroid for everybody just the elite like myself.Don't worry u will be there one day.

I would recomend u consider a less drastic steroid that won't allow u to explode like winstrol.U should really look at something that is a mild mass builder like test.The gains shouldn't be to crazy like V but u should put on a few pounds of quality muscle.As far as the side effects I am presently researching them and plan to out do myself in previous research and put in a total of 3000 hours on this subject.

Hope this helps.


Chris "The Expert" Eales


Hmm - it seems to me you are calling Eales a 'know it all' and you are blatantly taking the piss outta him for it - by using his name and then claiming to be an expert but clearly not having a clue, you are clearly suggesting that is your impression of this man.

Crossing the line slightly maybe?

Well - If you continue i will assume you are no friend of his, and have no respect for him, and i will have as little for you.
If you stop i will assume you were having a laugh but did not comprehend how it may be perceived by Eales himself and didnt realise quite how offensive it may be.



You mean there is another Chris Eales????

All I can say is everybody on this forum can consider themselves blessed to have 2 of the smartest men known to bodybuilding and steroids.I hope the other Chris can or has lived up to my high standards.

What are the chances?

Anyways let me know and I can help all on here complete the final building block to being the perfect bodybuilder.

That's what friends are for.


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So ur saying it's ok to be a dickbag as long as the person is a friend of yours?????

Sounds like a gang or something.


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Who's the other Chris Eales? You mean Easy E or whatever the guy's name is with 2 E's??