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Going to failure

 I've been following Ian King's recommendation to go to failure every third week.  However, I only lift twice a week due to time constraints.  I hit each bodypart once a week.  
 On the first day, I do barbell rows, bench presses, military presses, lat pulldowns or pull-ups, and standing calf raises--4 sets each, 5-6 reps.  (I sometimes do higher reps on the calf raise.)  On the second day, I do King's original "12 Weeks" leg program.  I started lifting consistently about ten months ago.
 My question is:  Can I go to failure more often without overtraining?  


Honestly, if I were you, I’d beat the tar out of everything. The no-soreness camp won’t get you anywhere on a 2 day program.


If you only can train twice a week, you would be better to do 2 whole body workouts / week, something in the line of Chad Waterbury’s Nest Big Three program or doing something like the money exercises program or even o-lifts…just my two cents…

Thanks guys for the info.