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Going to Failure w/ Big Beyond Belief?


Hi everyone. I've decided to go give the program big beyond belief a try again. I wrote out the program a couple of years ago so I'm familiar with the rep rep ranges and ramping that you're supposed to do. I believe the program tells you to take every set to failure. I just can't remember. Can someone who has read the book please tell me what the book specifies in regards to that. Thanks, in advance


I have gone through the program once, and went to failure on every set. A torn tricep tendon and pectoralis minor later, and I'd advice against that. For some exercises it's probably OK, like if you do Hammer Strength Inclines for chest instead of barbell inclines, but once you get past 225 for the 15 reps on barbell inclines and is doing 5 reps to failure..Good luck. Then again, I have quite weak joints.


I've done one cycle of BBB and I think, as with any other program, that there's no point in attempting a repetition if you know you are going to fail it. I hit failure now and then, but that's by pure "accident". I'm not sure what BBB says about forced reps, but if you're training with a partner and that's your thing you could probably do it on certain exercises.


i go till i know im not going to complete the next rep

right now im on ramp 2- its insane- i can't imagine how hard itll be once the rest periods go to 60 seconds.

RANDOM QUESTION: Can missing a nights sleep cause joint pain? Yesterday i had an intense BBB workout, and last night i couldnt get to sleep because i took too much caffiene because i was studying for an exam. today during my workout i couldnt lift for shit! and my whole body was aching! reallly hope this will go away if i sleep well tonight


The book says go to failure - I leave a rep in the hole so to speak,close to failure but not all the way.



Never heard of this before, can you go into some detail?


Remember the longer you are awake the more energy you are burning. If you got little sleep that could mean your BMR has been jacked by 1.5x! That means you underate by 500-1500 calories that day... I have played around with sleep schedules quite a bit, and the more you are a wake the more you need to eat. Up another 5 hours? Have another meal. Up the whole night? Have another 2 meals. Just because it is past 11pm doesn't mean you have to stop eating...

Also when in doubt about how much sleep you are getting, just meditate.