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Going to Drop My Dosage a Bit


as current im using

160mg Test ED
120mg Tren ED
100mg EQ ED

and because of my BP related headaches i think im going to drop .1ML of EQ and replace with .1ML Test which would change my ED values to-

200mg Test ED
120mg Tren ED
75mg EQ ED

if headaches still persist and BP is still a little high i'll cut the EQ again. if that doesnt help the EQ will be gone and will just end up as a large Test/Tren cycle.

Any thoughts?


it likely won't help, what's your BP? headaches are not necessarily indicative of high BP.

I would look into getting lisinopril or another ace inhibitor.


135/65... its a bit higher for me...


but nothing that should cause headaches... hhmm... wtf..


Are you using an AI?


yes, using letro. quite abit, might i add....


Shit I wish my blood pressure was that low haha my blood pressure gives me bad problems on gear mainly when on Dbol but injectables not as bad. Either way I dont see you dripping your Eq dosage only to raise your test levels is really gonna do anything for you. I imagine your head aches are from something else. In general I dont think your blood pressure is all that high to even cause a head ache. Maybe we are just different but mine never caused me head aches just sweating insanely and rediculus nose bleeds constantly. Maybe should go to doc and get a full check up.


you should really keep your BP under control..


Yeah I'm working with a doc now for it its much better now than it was 2 months ago. He advised me to drop to the Dbol and replace something a bit more friendly which I did. Was 179/85 very high apparently fir my age. Dropped the Dbol and started taking a generic brand of blood pressure med can't remember name right off and its down to 168/69 yesterday. Still elevated but much better.


That top number is too high friend. You're gonna increase risk for heart disease and stroke, but because you do gear and eat lots of protein your kidneys may be at great risk. It's called the "silent killer" you won't necessarily have headaches.

You will have to drop something or take bp medication. Bananas, sweet potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus are high in potassium which will help somewhat. Deficiency in potassium leads to hypertension - high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of kidney failure, also called end-stage renal disease. People with kidney failure must either receive a kidney transplant or have regular blood-cleansing dialysis treatment.

Walk. Ain't gonna build your quads but it does wonders for blood pressure.


Nose bleeds? You're asking for trouble my man. Take it easy or you're going to run into problems.


Sure its real?


for the amount of test im using yeah.... i bumped it up and its taking care of the high estrogen side effects.


my blood pressure is back down inthe 12x/65 range again... must have been a meal that effected it that day. i just usually get the same headache about the same time ED... it didnt happen over the weekend... maybe im just allergic to work.