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Going to Doctor on Friday

I am going to the doctor on friday morning to get checked for an STD (fucking colombian girls).

I am currently doing a self medicated TRT dose of 200mg a week with arimidex .25 EOD. I have been on it since January. I plan to blast and cruise indefinitly, but I am on a cruise right now.

I want to get a blood tests done while I am going to the doctor to see how my body is doing while I am there. Should i tell the doctor that I am doing a self medicated TRT dose? Do you think its wise? I know its always best to be honest with your doctor, but if I disclose it to them and something down the line happens to me they will blame the Tesosterone and my insurance might go up in the future. Should I get tested for Test and Estrogen in addition to the obvious liver, cholesterol, blood pressure (not a blood test I know), prostate tests?

You run the risk of being booted from this medical practice as well. I can all but guarantee that this doc is going to be unhappy when you lay this news on him. Having said that, if you are not going to be honest with your doc you are jeopardizing your health.

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In USA? In most states you can order your own lab work. Currently on sale at lef.com
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Most need 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T.

Ok im new to getting a private lab done. I ordered one of the blood tests. Where do I select a lab to get it done. I want to get it done tmrw before the doctors.


Thanks. Ok went to the Doctor. Peed in a cup and they will get back to me. The nurse took my blood pressure and got 124/90. Then I asked the doctor to do it as a second opinion and it came out 140/90. The doctor pumped it up to the point where it was very very very tight on my arm. The doctor then told the nurse to do it again in another room. The nurse got me at 125/90. So the doctor told me she wants to have a blood test just in case tomorrow. She thinks its probably my kidneys, but im probably thinking my E2 is high, causing water retention, and there fore high blood pressure.

What do you think? Should I up my arimidex for tomorrow?

Dose adjustments and labs are not an immediate representation. Minimum two weeks take for the drug to show progress in the blood work.

Ok so got a box in the mail with tubes and a Styrofoam box. Do I take this with me to the lab? Its seems odd that they wouldnt have it at the lab themselves.

That is needed in some States for some reason/regulation.

Ok so I do take the whole box of stuff with me to the lab?

yes, what else would it be for?

Ok good news. No STD (Idk how) but no STD. :slight_smile:

Bad news. My blood test results came back from the reguluar doctor and not the blood test i ordered. So here is what came back high

RBC = 5.93 (Range is 4.14-5.80 )
Hemoglobin = 18.0 (12.6-17.7)
Hematocrit = 54.3% (37.5-51%)
ALT = 62 (0-44)
HDL Cholestrol = 39 (Greater than 39)

I forgot to mention I am also taking TB 500. I am taking 5mg a week. That was my fault. This probably is effecting things as well.

Also I went to labcorp and they would not take my blood for the test i ordered. It actually said on the sheet “Do not take to Labcorp” Any ideas where I can go?

What do you guys think? I really do appreciate the advice guys.

Had to go to another state to get my lab Corp test done but it came in. Here is what was of interest:

High Test slightly out of range= 1260
Low Estrogen in range = 11
Liver = 64 (0-44) this is concerning
And a bunch of test for red blood cells that were slightly high but not a big deal bc I am now off TB 500.

Now the concerning thing is my liver. I only drink alcohol and get drunk on Friday and Saturdays never black out. I would say I get drunk at a 6/7 on a scale of 1-10. The thing is I am taking this test in the morning and obviously I didn’t drink much water before taking the test. My piss is a little yellow when I wake up but I drink a gallon a day and my pee is always clear the rest of the day. Never dark.

Do you think the liver is due to the TB 500, the Test, arimidex, or the alcohol. TB is supposed to help with liver problems thou but my last tb injection was Thursday.

What you think?

There are studies of TB500 that implicate it in promoting cancer. Please be careful.

Please post all labs with ranges.

Did you have sore muscle from injury or exercise for the labs?

BUN 21 High mg/dL 6-20 RN
Creatinine, Serum 1.32 High mg/dL 0.76-1.27 RN
ALT (SGPT) 64 High IU/L 0-44 RN
Iron, Serum 171 High ug/dL 38-169 RN
RBC 5.99 High x10E6/uL 4.14-5.80 RN
Hemoglobin 18.8 High g/dL 12.6-17.7 RN
Hematocrit 55.2 High % 37.5-51.0 RN
Testosterone, Serum 1260 High ng/dL 348-1197 RN
Dihydrotestosterone 111 High ng/dLAdult Male: 30 - 85

Estradiol 11.1 pg/mL 7.6-42.6

So my high blood pressure is obviously not from water retention as my estrogen level is low, but I did bump up my AI for a week and have not gotten my BP taken since.IM thinking the TB definitly has had an effect on my lipids.