Going to Do Clavicle Lengthening

I have tried everything, have worked out but nothing changes. The muscle comes but the shoulder width stays the same because it’s a skeletal issue. I am going to be undergoing clavicle lengthening with Dr Leif Rogers in California since I cannot find a limb lengthening doctor who preforms it.

I hope to do it and give a rundown just incase anybody else wants to do it and know if it’s worth it or not, which I do not recommend until they have done research about it.

The process basically works by breaking bone and having it regenerate aka distraction osteogenesis. It is done for the legs to grow taller, jaws to grow wider/longer. It can be applied to any bone really. No more of this female shoulder width. It’s this or steroids/implants at this point.

Um…is there a actual Medical reason for this or is it purely for looks?

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No purely cosmetic. To be honest I think it could have a positive effect health wise could be wrong though. I am tall and I notice those who are tall and have small frames have difficulty standing up straight. Just from what I have noticed.

That’s the thing you pay to lengthen? Just kidding but seriously how narrow are you shoulders? Did they doctor mention any side effects?

I can tell you that’s kinda how my knee healed when I broke it. Obviously different but that leg has always been weaker and more prone to injury. Nothing major but it might limit your lifting for years.


Every time you break a bone it really never gets back to the strength it once was, it really depends on the type of break it was also. I’m sure hs football players on here have broken their collar bones and might have increased/decreased shoulder width as a result of it. There is a chance of decreased range of motion. There was a recent study of 59 people who underwent clavicle shortening due to suffering collar bone fractures, which resulted in decreased shoulder width and 0 loss of upper limb function/range of motion.

Will this most likely make me weaker? Yeah but I honestly don’t really care about strength that much. I just wanted to look bigger for once and having narrow shoulders limits that substantially. People who don’t lift with wide shoulders always look bigger than people who do with narrow shoulders sucks lol.

Maybe you should spend that money on a psychiatrist. That is just too weird for words…


Maybe to you it is? This is really no different than any other cosmetic surgery. I dunno, this is something I have just accepted I want to change and no amount of lifting is going to make a difference that will satisfy me.

Have the “doctor” sodder some streamers and a bell on too


Make sure to post before and afters.

How old are you?

He’s in his twenties.

ah yes that old thread when I believed that bs method to widen your shoulder girdle lol.

Well you can pretty much expect this thread to be full of people trying to talk you down from this and refer you back to the other thread you started. I’m not one of those guys.

If I had the same fixation on the structure of my shoulders, I’d start by wearing suits more often. I’d also try lifting weights with the specific goal of widening my shoulders. Give that three years or so. If that didn’t work, I’d get on some steroids. If I still wasn’t happy, I’d move on to some synthol injections. Then, if the steroids, synthol and years of lifting still left me feeling empty, I’d pay some doctor in California to knock me out and break my clavicles.

Good luck, and be sure to celebrate your journey on social media.

Ahh yikes. Was kinda hoping he was 12 or something :laughing:

I have looked at synthol before or whatever Rich Piana did. If you look closely he has a narrow clavicle bone structure but whatever he has in them synthol or implants or whatever it is it blew them up so his shoulders look very broad. Synthol seems hard to get and I am afraid of injecting it in wrong and getting fucked up from it.

This is all ridiculous bullshit buttt…

I would give synthol and all other half-retard measures a whirl if it means avoiding going full retard on the surgery. Ask Shadow pro some questions in his thread and consder getting a consult with an IFBB pro or Dave Palumbo, will still be much cheaper also

Anyway now that we’re deep in the jungle:


Synthol only seems to work for those who already have decent sized shoulders before then, most results look like badly placed implants IE carrot top. Most of the time it just looks like badly placed implants on those who don’t have decent shoulder width already. I guess it can’t hurt to look into it a little bit more. But I am doubtful.

I have no idea of the relative risks of synthol vs various steroid compounds vs this crazy surgery you are considering. Seems to me like synthol might be the more conservative choice vs surgery, but what the hell do I know about this?

Nothing. Just like you. So I’d work super-extra-hard to make sure I understand what I’m getting in to. Really hard. Harder than you worked at lifting weights, that’s for sure.

I’d also make sure I was getting laid. Lower your standards to women who like narrow-shouldered men, if necessary. See if that clears you up.

That’s about all of the great advice I can give you on this subject. Good luck!


true. I can’t go into this with a blind eye which is already why I’ve done a lot of research about the anatomy and risks of something like this. Attracting women actually has nothing to do with this, I can actually stay this is just something I want to do for myself.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Make sure you don’t have it first. Otherwise, after much pain, time, and money you’ll find that you are still unhappy.

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