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Going to College for Personal Training

I’m looking to become a personal trainer sometime in the future, and I was wondering if it’s worth going to college and getting a degree in kinesiology or what have you OR becoming certified through NSCA/ACE/etc. I don’t want to build up student loans through college if I don’t even have to take that route.


go to college for something else to diversify yourself. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. With the way everyone’s finances are going trainers will be a luxury most wont consider.

You could always major in nutrition so that way if you decide to become a PT you will be able to provide training and diet services and be paid for both.

I wouldn’t do college for it if I were you. Stick with one of the accredited agency’s for it. And to be honest I wouldn’t even worry about trying to be a trainer unless your in a big city. I used to live in miami and it was all i could do to get a day off, now i live in southeastern VA and haven’t had a steady client for months. Thank goodness training is only a hobby, if i relied on it for a paycheck I’d be screwed!


I own a gym (in Indiana-www.clubfitness24.com)and always looking for talented people. If you are interested let me know?

I can vouch for Chad, Good Guy and one hell of a strongman competitor.