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Going to Chicago


A friend and I are traveling to Chicago from New York to visit another friend. Is there any cool spots you guys recommend seeing in the city or along the way there. (we are stopping in the R+R hall of fame in Columbus)Any suggestions?


We did a trip last summer from Illinois to Washington DC, up to New York then back to Illinois. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, not
Columbus. If you're willing to swing south a bit you can hit the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton Oh. Depending on when you're going you, go through the Pochano (sp??) Mountains. The may be some activity there in addition to the hiking, camping, etc. Also depending on when you go, you can check out Cedar Point in Sandusky Oh. They have what many consider the best collection of Roller Coasters in the world. The University of Notre Dame isn't far off I-80 in
South Bend,Indiana.


Chicago is a cultural meca on par with New York. The question is what are you into? Are you looking for museums, sports, festivals? What time of the year are you going? Are you going to Chicago proper or one of the suburbs? Let me know where you are going to be in this area and what your interest are. If you are going to be here in the summertime around July there is always the Taste of Chicago and Summerfest in Milwaukee. Those are the two major summer festivals in the area, but there is always something going on.


If you're not on a diet, Giordano's pizza is the best.


Well when you go to chicago definately have to go Geno's east or eduardo's, both are chicago style pizza and amazing! Millenium park is a great site as well...its one of my favorite spots. There are also the museams, science and industry and the field....both a great time and worth the money (you can do a bundle and see both and plus the shed aquarium...another great spot!)

Alder planetarium is one of the best planetariums Ive been to, so check that out if your into that stuff. Navy Peir is another must...walk to the end, towards evening preferably...and you can see the city lights reflect in lake michigan, its breath taking.

If you want sports stops...wrigley field is the place to go...its such a wonderful place...it just has this great feel to it. Then there is also just wondering around down town, its such a great city you will not run out of places to visit. There is also an arcitecture (wow I spelled that wrong) tour they offer, which is so much fun!

Definately get a hot dog...vienna beef, of course, get a roast beef sandwhich too...they are amazing! That is all I can really think of right now. I used to live right outside the city and so Ive seen it all...you wont be dissapointed.


You spelled a lot of shit wrong, actually.

The pizza you are referring to is Gino's. There is also Pizzeria Uno and Lou Malnatis. All serve the classic sauce on top deep dish pizza.

It is pretty tough to go wrong on pizza in Chitown. Home Run Inn is probably my favorite. They used to be down on the South side but now are all over the place.

The roast beef sandwich referred to I am sure is an Italian Beef. Order it "dipped."

Some good places for that are Al's, Portillo's, Johnny's, and Carms. They all have hotdogs as well. The gyros in Chicago is also tough to beat. I am getting hungry writing this.

I am a Sox fan, so not real excited about Wrigley, although Wrigleyville is a great place to hang out, drink beer and people watch.

As mentioned before, there are lots of Fests downtown. End of May is Bluesfest which also has what I would call a mini Taste of Chicago. That is a personal favorite of mine.

If you like to fish, you could arrange a charter on Lake Michigan. Cool way to see the city and nothing like catching a Chinook.

Shedd Aquarium is a must see for out of towners, IMO. Then head north on Lakeshore and check out Navy Pier.

If you like to shop, head down to Michigan Avenue. All these things are pretty close together and if you aren't afraid of the el and buses, you can really see a lot in a short time and relax while doing it.

Chinatown isn't too far from the aquarium if you are up for Chinese. Greektown is a blast, as well.

Also, on my way through Ohio I would also hit a Skyline Chili or stop in Cincinatti for some ribs at the Montgomery Inn, but that's just me.

Good luck.


As a former Chicago resident, I would strongly recommend the Signature Lounge on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Center. You can have a drink, listen to live jazz and enjoy the best view of the city. Worth it.

Or, you can pay $45 for an all you can eat brunch buffet at the Signature Room restaurant, located on the east side of the same floor, and with great views to Lake Michigan.

By far my favorite spot in the city!


That would be a nice way to wind down the evening. Good thought.


Everything everyone else said, especially apwsearch.

Killer museums there. Ginos East moved a while back, it's a shame you won't be able to reach it in its original spot in the neigborhood. Still amazingly good pizza.

Also go to Wrigley. It's just awesome.

And please, get to the jazz and blues clubs. Some of the best clubs in the nation. Great music. Shoot, you can do anything in Chitown.

AH, go to Ed Debevac's (sic?). Or Dick's last resort. Just because.

I would absolutely love to live in Chicago. It is by far my favorite city. Don't go while dieting. You'll miss out on killer food.

Lastly, go to Midieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Watch a joust while you eat.


I'm from the Chicago area and if you like the blues*, then go downtown to Blue Chicago:


*If you don't like the blues, then stay the hell out of Chicago!


Bump on the signature room (it is in the John Hancock building). Go at night and make sure you are seated in the back and not on the sides. When it is busy tourists get seated in the non-prime seats, just wait longer if need be for the back, and if you have a female tell her to use the rest room. It is better at night than the day. The day is nice for lake views, especially Sunday brunch.

If you want to fine dine Gibson's steak house on Rush Street or Carmichaels across the street are a nice choice. They are in a prime location in the gold coast, and in a fun area to people watch the wealthy and attractive. So many good restaurants.

Navy pier is overrated, but has a nice view from the ferris wheel, and fireworks are nice in summer. It and ESPN zone are in major tourism traps areas. Hey are Ok, but there is better. I you want a deep dish pizza hey are all good, but just do not choose pizza uno. I like Giordano?s, Gino?s east is fun if you are going to eat in the restaurant.

A dive for Italian beef is Mr. Beef. It is out of the way and a real dive, but well known. I would not waste your time on this.

As far as night life you can do Lincoln park and or gold coast.

Yes catch a cub?s game if you can.


If you're in Chicago in early June I recommend hitting up Bluesfest in Grant Park.

Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island (old Miggs Field) is the best concert venue I've ever been to. You're literally in Lake Michigan. Shows start in June and go I think until September.


So I’m in Chicago for a conference this weekend and despite my avatar and love for the 85 bears i have never been to Chicago. Anything people from here or that have visited would recommend? I’ve been to the navy pier and ate at giodarno’s (sp)which was damn good. Ate at a Brazilian steak house and Morton’s tonight, both excellent . Any sites that are a must? I’ll have a free afternoon tomorrow and was thinking the field museum which i imagine isn’t enough time for it but oh well. There’s also the Sears Tower or whatever it’s called now but the draw there is the observation deck? I doubt that would beat out the museum. Any suggestions would be a great help, figured there would be a hella st pattys days celebration but heard they did it last weekend. Wtf’s up with that? Or just an excuse to party hard 2 weekends?
If tldr,in Chicago what’s the main draw?

Also is the Jim mcmahon streak house still open?


Was going to start a new one but figured could just recycle this one…


Your best bet if you’re staying downtown and want a rowdy St. Pats crowd is to head to Division Street. A bit tamer would be Gibson’s/Hugo’s/Luxbar/Tavern just south of there. During the day tomorrow, check out the Art Institute or MCA. Walk through Grant Park, take a selfie with the Bean, then grab a drink across the street at The Gage. Head west and get a drink or two at Violet Hour and walk around Wicker Park. Eat tacos at Big Star, then head back downtown for dinner at Joe’s.

You’re too late to see Ween tonight, but Cold War Kids are playing tomorrow at the Riv.

Work out at B&W gym on the north side, they may even be hosting a meet this weekend. Quads is over-rated althought it’s nice to say you stopped in.