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Going to Canada for Holiday. Advice?


I'm going to Canada in approx 3 weeks time for a holiday for 5 weeks.

What's good to see, places, advice for travelling, things to do etc? I'll be there from early June til mid July, planning on traversing most of the country, might not go up north though, sounds pretty cold! I don't have a tight budget so no need to penny pinch.

Any help from people who've been or Canadians would be awesome. I'm a 23 y/o Australian male, into cool people, nice scenery, partying, good food, chicks, smoking weed etc. Canada looks like it can provide on all these fronts hence the reason I chose it (planning to go to US next year.)

Also, does anybody know some towns or cities that are heavily involved in mining? I work in mining over here, its a massive industry and would like to see what it's like in another country.

Any help would be most appreciated, cheers!


Weed = British Columbia
I think there is a mine (copper?) near Princeton BC.


Montreal is by far the best party city with the best looking girls.


As far as tourism go to Western Canada. When it comes to Canada it's not so much our history (e.g. historical locations), it's all about the nature.

Go to Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Whistler, Victoria, BC. Vancouver is pretty cool too Stanley Park is nice and that suspension bridge is fun to cross.

If you're looking for a place in terms of night life I would go to Toronto or Montreal. Toronto probably has the best food in the country, Montreal has the best strip clubs.


Also, I would recommend going to the United States as well if you're going to be coming to the East Coast.

Toronto is only an 8-9 hour drive from New York City. Or if you take a bus and plan ahead you can pay as little as $45 for a round trip http://us.megabus.com

Taking a bus from Toronto to Montreal is also cheap if you plan ahead http://ca.megabus.com/


Toronto is brutal. Of course, neelydan takes a train into that god forsaken place every day in the rat race, so bias is present.

The west coast is where it's at - and neelydan's never even been there.


If you come to Toronto I can help you with good clubs/bars to check out.


Remember to drive on the RIGHT side of the road.


If you go to Toronto you'll fly right over Winnipeg.

That is all.


Wherever DebraD is, THAT'S where I'd go.


If you end up in Toronto, take a day to go see Niagara Falls. The strippers are as good as in Montreal, and the ladies are the hottest in the country.

As for mining go to Sudbury and check out our nickel mines. It is up north but in the timeframe you stated, it will be fine.


True this...me and some of my buddies went up to Montreal for New Years back in '01-02 when we were all 19 and it was a wild ass time...we got into a bottle breaking over head contest with a bunch of locals (we broke it on our own heads, not on anyone elses!) then my buddy passes out on the bar and the bartender wakes him up to offer another drink before last call...

If you go to the west coast and check out Vancouver, be sure to hit up some of the strip clubs there...ridiculously hot girls...and good prices..l


Eastern provinces can be decent too depending on what you want...There's lots to do along route 19 in Cape Breton during the summer you could always check out Glenora Distillary, which is North America's only single malt whisky distillary...it's kind of in the middle of nowhere but they offer tours (with tasting along the way) after which they have a huge party every night during the summer....good times.

There's also the Cabot Trail if you do Cape Breton. An awesome trip in itself if you enjoy the outdoors.

Evolve music festival....trance and jazz stuff mostly.

Grande Cache in Alberta has a mine, the town's nice during the summer...kind of in themiddle of nowhere though. Springhill, Nova Scotia has a mining museum if you're into that too.


The nightlife in London Ontario is bumpin, 4 girls for every guy


montreal is definitely the best party city, i hear good things about toronto too though

as for the mining, theres mining going on across the country but usually very far from any urban centers (north of major cities), i would do some research and many try contacting some mining companies directly and ask if you could tour one of their sites

and its usually not cold here in the summer, in montreal we sometimes get weeks where its over 40 degrees and 100% humidity but it could also be 10-15 degrees and raining for a small stretch the humidity makes it seem much warmer than it actually is though


Have fun hunting penguins and building igloos.


I'll second this. I was at Brandi's Show Lounge in Vancouver a couple months back and I'll be damned if that wasn't the best strip club I've ever been to (my strip club experience is admittedly relatively limited, but I was very impressed).


bring your parka.

do you know how to speak Canadian?

srsly...goto wherever the french canadians are.

the wimmenz are hot and smell like cookies

(We're invading on June 5th, so try not to stick around then, unless you like to watch raping, plundering and pillaging done by professionals....oh, and keep that under your hat....it's supposed to be a surprise)


...and a...toque...whatever the hell that is...


The good news is that Canada is pretty small, so you should be able to just rent a car and see it all. Start in the Yukon Territory and see if you can make it to St. John's, Newfoundland before you head back down under.

And Canada has the best bargains for strippers in North America, by far. If you like Sushi, go to Blowfish in Toronto - it is top-notch. I love that place.