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Going to Brazil! Tips?


Hey guys!

Being a capoeirista, i decided that this year my vacation should be exotic and damn it,its gonna be!I am going to Sao Paulo Brazil at the 28 of July and i will stay until the 6 of September.We are gonna stay in the academy,so we will be saving a lot of money!

Now i want to hear if anyone has ANY tips to give.From food to eat/avoid,to places to visit.From things to buy to sights to see.I am open to any suggestion or tips you might wanna give!

For your info i am going to take with me around 1000 euro.Do you think that they are enough?Also we will be buying quite some things from Brazil,so do you know what is the limit for the luggage?

Thank you all in advance!!


Salvador, Bahia is the T-Nation of capoeira.
Don't miss it and bring some pictures.


Watch out for Gaatti's wife.


I am so jealous! please report back on the women! Don't get kidnapped either...


for walking about you want cheap no brand shorts and shirt and cheap sunglasses. Anything else is an invitation to a mugging.

That aside, you should have a blast!


Watch out for BetaBerry. She's a rabid vegaterian.


dont sleep with a tranny and dont get stuck in any of the favelas especially towards the top the higher up in the favela you go the closer to the drugs and violence you get.

Edit- k obviously not always in every favela. dont want to offend anyone but its a problem in some places just be aware


Though you'll be tempted to extend your trip indefinitely, don't hock your return flight ticket.


use a condom brazilians got mad AIDS



This blog is a trip.


Don't get AIDS.


ive havent fucked a brazilian yet but from what ive seen in their pornos they arent ill at sex at all like this dude is claiming.



Be careful now. The chicks down there are sometimes not what they seem....you've been warned. lol


It's not Africa.


Brazil has the highest amount of AIDS outside of Africa, google it.

anal sex and faggotry run rampant.

can't find it in english but this chick is talking about puttin a banana in her butt lol


yo can someone translate this shit for me?

Vogeley: qq duvida c me pergunta
[00:30] Mero: grandona...ela eh massa mesmo
[00:30] Vogeley: eu me jogo no fogo se ela n quiser
[00:30] Mero: e ai.....rola quando esse negocio???
[00:30] Vogeley: hahahahahahahaha
[00:31] Vogeley: amanha mesmo
[00:31] Vogeley: depende so de vc
[00:31] Vogeley: e dela
[00:31] Vogeley: :smiley:
[00:31] Vogeley: c sabe q eu sou uma freak
[00:31] Vogeley: :slightly_smiling:
[00:31] Mero: tu acha que ela stiga?
[00:31] Vogeley: romero... c eh cego cara. ela eh mega pior q eu
[00:31] Vogeley: :slightly_smiling:
[00:31] Mero: sou cego cego
[00:31] Mero: kkkkkkkkkk
[00:32] Vogeley: lesado tb
[00:32] Mero: esse negocio nao da certo....
[00:32] Mero: mas mesmo assim eu vou add aqui
[00:32] Vogeley: add e presta atenção
[00:32] Vogeley: diga a ela q foi pq vc queria manter um contato e tal
[00:33] Vogeley: pq ela n ta vabendo q eu disve tudo p vc
[00:33] Vogeley: disse*
[00:33] Mero: e aonde agente vai fazer essa festinha???
[00:33] Mero: entendi
[00:33] Vogeley: ah gacto, na h a gente ve
[00:33] Vogeley: vamos nos preocupar c isso ai agora
[00:34] Vogeley: cm quem n quer nda pergunte a ela qual eh a boa da noite
[00:34] Vogeley: e tal
[00:35] Vogeley: converse normalmente
[00:35] Mero: ela ta offline
[00:35] Mero: amanha agente organiza essa festinha aeo...tell me.


DON'T pee in the Amazon.


Don't walk around alone in the evening and take off your watch and all jewellry and generally be pretty safety conscious-muggings can be pretty horific

Learn as many basic phrases and useful slang as possible, the majority of the population don't speak any english


AIDS isn't as bad as Africa, but it's pretty bad
Don't piss in the Amazon River, there's a fish that will swim INTO your penis

90% of Brazilian girls take it in the ass...so stick it in the pooper