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Going to Boston


Ah, the birthplace and deathbed of American liberty.

Anyshit, I've got a weekend there; anywhere I should go? As it stands I'm heading to Lexington and Concord, the Sam Adams Brewery, John Adams's house, Boston Harbor and we're doing the freedom trail.



Freedom Trail is cool for about a mile ... Go to a Red Sox game, they're playing the Rangers this weekend should be a good series


A mile? Yeah if your all fucked up on mescalin.

I would say 30-50 yards.


When you are in Roxbury to visit the Sam Adams Brewery, have lunch at Doyle's. It's down the street in Jamaica Plain. Twenty-one beers on tap. When Jim Koch introduces a new beer to the market, generally it gets poured at Doyle's first.


If you are in the neighborhood of the Boston Common or Public Gardens, eat at Jacob Wirth. Good German food and good beer.



get a chacarero they are epic


I second Polo with the Sox game, and the freedom trails sucks as soon as you take your first step, mescalin or not.


Fuck that. Keep trucking to Maine and do some fishing. Then go to New Hampshire-- the only place in New England that still has some semblance of 'freedom'.


She Say and I will be in Boston 6/20 - 6/25. We're gonna try to go see the Sox play the Dodgers on the 20th. Who's in?

What else is cool? We'll have all Monday free. We like to eat and drink and none of that Freedom Trail shit or other Historic shite.


just dont come to west roxbury or ill fucking kill you


Red Sox game is a good idea


for being local to boston, with many freinds that currently live there or have lived there giving me unlimited places to stay and options to visit, ive only been a handful of times. the city doesnt do it for me and everthing shuts down at 2. but, im not much of a sports fan so that could be a potential reason as well. i do however go to NYC as often as i can.


As someone who lived in Boston for 10 years, I'd say skip it and go fishing in Maine.

New York's pretty badass though.


Saugus on the north shore midwest grille all you can eat brazillian bbq. They bring you fresh bbq'd meat on swords to you and cut how much you want off of it.


Yes, skip the freedom trail and duck tours. Take in the city on your own.

If you are able/willing to travel around I would say hit up NH a little bit, maybe Portsmouth for a day trip (think it's about an hour away) or White mountains if you're up for a little bit of a drive.


What would I do in Portsmouth?


Same thing you'd do in Boston - Eat, drink, walk around and check out breweries, haha. It's just a nice little New England city and was suggesting it in case you're like me and as much as you enjoy visiting the big cities its fun to get away and check out the smaller ones if you have time.


Sam Adams brewery was a big let-down, in my opinion. Boring tour with ~20 ozs. of free beer at the end. If you have nothing else to do go for it, but I wouldn't make it a priority.


Eagles deli


Maybe we can all meet up and try the 12lb burger challenge, haha.


I'm down. When?