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Going to Be Missing a Few Workouts in Week 3


I’m going to be away for two workouts on my third week of cycle 3. I know this just got posted but I wanted some reassurance. I will have access to a gym but not a place that likely has racks or barbells (hotel gym). I’m planning on doing the two 5/3/1 workouts I can this week, doing supplemental workouts on machines while away and what not to keep my muscles active, and come back and just start where I left off. Is this okay? Should I not do any 5/3/1 workouts this week so that none of them are behind a week and mess up my deload?


Do the first option, it’ll work itself out.


Would that work?


Looks good to keep me working! Thanks for that.


I travel a lot and that is what I do (meaning the first option.) Just try to keep from losing progress.


Definitely, I’ll work up a sweat in those hotel gyms!!