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Going To An 80s Party ...


i am going to an 80s party tonight. i might pop my collar. which might prompt me to beat myself to death via tire iron. if i manage to sustain life, are you guys going to kill me anyway?



The 80s rule!

Take pictures.


Bring back photos. Chop chop.


You know you are old when college was just one big 80s party.

Have fun and definately pop the collar and post some pics....


To be really "80's" you need a white polyester suit ala John Travolta. That and a stack of Donna Summer albums, with a couple of BeeGee's tossed in.


Hey Road Warrior, that would be the 70'd baby! You must have lived it because only a guy who lived it would get it mixed up with a different decade, LOL!


nah, still MIA from the 60's. I was too stoned to dance. Things have been a bit of a blur since Alamont.


Dude, popping the collar is totally gay. Where have you been?


You still have parachute pants and a Members only jacket?


Like most people who didn't live it, I hate the 80's. (okay, I admit I was there for part of it, but I was too young to contribute anything) I detest it. I have a special kind of disgusted awe reserved for it. The level of badness is mind boggling.

Sorry, I'm done. Have a great time!


If you didn't take this opportunity to play "Miami Vice" and dust off your white penny loafers then you're a fool.

Either that or something from American Gladiators.


no, and no ;(

i'm wearing black and white check vans (old school 80s)

baby blue adidas pants (just plain gay)

polo with popped collar (just gay)

and an adidas headband ( COOL!!! )

pics? will try. wish me luck.

check the paper tomorrow for aforementioned tire iron story. if i go, i'll likely take a half dozen or so with me.



You mean you don't pop your collar anymore?


Ah, come on. Sure, the Glam Rock, excessive high intensity and contrast colors patterns (black, white, zebra print, pink, orange, green, exactly like most teens wear today!), electronic-(keyboards and drums)-in-almost-every-song had its charm.

A sustained attempt to be extreme (big hair included) that went wrong. That`s how I sum up the 80s.

There`s also a couple of minimalist/garage band gems too. Way cool!


Mr. Fouts,

Please bring back pics...I need a good laugh.


Attending high and college in the 80s was the best. Lots of fun without as much worry as today. Seriously sorry you missed out on the fun of the decade.


my buddy stole my thunder with the whole damned suit ... at least we had up with matching headbands


WHORES d'oeuvres


hahahahaha nice caption.


By the way, nice shoes, sally.