Going to Add Anastrazole (Bluefish) to TRT and I'm Freaking Out

Hi - I’m 40yo, wek 30 of trt (50mg of T Enant E3,5d into thigh muscle), HCG 500ui with my test injection (subq).
Before i dialed in HCG, my E2 results were (44,1 pg/ml 11,3 — 43,2) but in my area (Europe) I can’t find sensitive method, only ECLIA is available.

EDIT: I just got my new results (from yesterdays) and (Estradiol 51,9 pg/ml 11,3 — 43,2)

Now I feel that my E2 is running too high (I can cry over some commercial in TV or get really drepressed after some minor argument, my libido went down and I’m overally VERY sensitive on my skin).

Doctor perscribed me Nolvadex which I think is not the way I should go so I decided to go for Anastrozole BUT now I am scared, that ECLIA shows not proper results and I will kill myself with too low E2.

What do You guys think? Am I overthinking it? I feel that I got to feel worse after all these weeks on TRT but I still hesitate.

And one more thing: may estrogen rise my triglicerides too? I noticed that my triglicerides are now way above upper limit and I thas been in the middle of range before. I thiught it might be alcohol I been drinking past weekend but it was 3 days before bloodwork

You might be fine with the immunoassay test. As you can see, I ran both and the differences were not significant. Regardless, you’re having symptoms and will need to bring E2 down.

Unless you want children, you might start with dropping hCG.


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Hi thanks for reply - Yes I have symptoms and that’s wat may be most important factor for me :slight_smile:

A little anastrozole goes a long way. You won’t crash your e2 unless you overdo it.

Higher doses of hCG can lead to a lot of testicular T–>E2 and anastrozole does not work inside the testes. If E2 will not go down, consider a smaller dose of hCG. A few are quite sensitive to this, most will be fine on your hCG dosing.

Most do well with E2 near E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L
Try 0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections.
Some are anastrozole over-responders and no way to know in advance. If you feel that E2 has crashed, stop for 6-7 days and resume at 1/8thmg at time of injections. You can refine based on subsequent lab work.

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Before trt I’ve been on hcg monotherapy without ANY effect on tst.

Now taking hcg to maintain balls size and maybe some fertility as my wife wants another child lol

So I guess hcg won’t up my estradiol then?

You need anastrozole in any case.