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Going to a Public Schools Prom? SUSPENSION!!!


Check this story out, it is so ridiculous. This kid who goes to Heritage Christian High School has been threatened with suspension or worse if he attends his girlfriend's prom at a public school.

It's amazing how far some of these radical "Christians" will take things. I try to have Christian moral values but this stuff is just insane.

"A student at a fundamentalist Baptist school that forbids dancing, rock music, hand-holding and kissing will be suspended if he takes his girlfriend to her public high school prom, his principal said."



What fucking pricks.


Thats fuckn retarded... suspension or worse, what expulsion, if they are caught doing the nasty?


That's fucking lame.
But so is prom.

My school changed it so you have to take a bus to and from prom, and the dance itself is pretty lame.
Yeah, I'll stick to the afterparty.


That's ridiculous about the suspension, take the girl anyways. Your beliefs in your religion should change how you live your life and conduct things not the damn church itself. Who does he serve man or God?


Religions might as well combine all of their rules/beliefs into a single statement; if it's easy and/or you enjoy it, it's a sin/against whatever beliefs you think you hold.




Yah the article says if they find out he drank alcohol or had any sexual activity he will be expelled.


Why can't God just cut the crap and just tell us EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS US TO FUCKING DO!!!!

What's with all this confusion?? He wants us to be "fruitful", and yet these fucking catholic priests aren't willing to fuck anyone? That is fucking retarded! To all you Catholic priests out there, GET A CLUE! THERE'S A REASON WHY GOD GAVE MEN TESTICLES!!


Something tells me jesus doesn't give a crap whether this kid dances or holds hands.


What's up with living by "christian morales"

Just construct your own frigging "moralcode" and life will be good..


I hate to say this, because I believe the schools rule is retarded, but if an agreement was signed when he was put into the school, where is the problem? I would never put my kid in a school where they didn't allow the child to go to dances or apparently listen to rock music anyway. If they decided to go ahead and sign an agreement agreeing to those conditions, then there should be no issue, no matter how rediculous the conditions may be.


no rock eh...
Can they listen to Christian rock?
What about gangster rap?
Christian gangster rap?

I thought we were a few years beyond people thinking rock is the devil's music...


I know kids who went to this school. It does have ridiculous rules, and kids were constantly getting in trouble for everything. It's not a Christian church, it's a here's-what'i-decided-is-right-and-i'll-call-it-christian-school-even-though-half-our-rules-contradict-or-claim-things-the-bible-doesn't-specify--about-or-says-is-OK.


I think the rules are dumb, but the kid did sign a contract. I'm pretty sure he knew what he was getting into when he started going to that school.

Kinda like joining the army and being mad when you have to go to war.


why does it matter to you what morals I live by? And what makes you think my life isn't good? Don't get all bent out of shape because I used the words "christian" and "morals" together. You bringing this up is completely irrelevant.


Christian Fascism.


I don't think so, Tim.

A child signed a contract with his school, and you don't think his parents might have had something to do with that? How could he be expected by any reasonable, mature adult to expect that he would not be permitted to go to a high school prom in another school? If you are seriously suggesting that he actually be required to follow a contract of that nature through, I think you have a problem, mate.

Enlisting in a nation's armed forces is on a whole other level of significance.


It's obviously a ridiculous contract and a ridiculous set of rules. However, let the stupid school do what it wants. State can't do shit.

I'd be interested in finding out how close the nearest public school was. It's obviously free and the kid can enroll there if he wants. Parents can't stop him, unless they threaten to disown him for wanting to go to a 'godless public school.'


I started a thread about this called "Just like Footloose" in the politics forum about this. Oh those crazy loving christians.