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Going to a Muscle (Boot) Camp?


I have two months of free time next summer and I am looking for a place I could join that its sole purpose is to gain muscle, get stronger, faster etc.

3 work outs a day, hopefully provided nutritional meals as well. I really just want to live and breath training every day for 2 months...

I guess I could probably do it on my own.. given enough research... It would be more fun to meet people and do it in a group though.

Does anyone know of anything like this?


the army?

i kid, i kid. lol. nope. i dont know of anything like this except for fat camps for kids.


haha well im neither a kid or fat.. and I definitely don't want to be the weird old loser at kids fat camp.


A training camp for hockey, football or possibly olympic lifting would probably be the closest thing you could find, so I'd do it from home.


I recently went to the EFS Learn to Train seminar, and it was very informative and has helped my lifts a lot.

You dont need a 2 month long camp, just find some lifting partners, especially ones stronger than you, and a decent program.


I agree with this post, you really don't need a expensive 2 month camp to learn how to train properly and work hard.


3 times a day wtf? How is this supposed to get you substantially stronger? That's about all I got out of OP