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Going Through Customs with Supplements


I'm going to be going to Europe soon and will be over there for about a month going through several different countries. I'm going to be staying in pretty high end hotels and most of them have decent fitness facilities so I'l still be able to keep training. My only concern is traveling with my supplement supply and having to deal with customs. I've never traveled abroad before so I don't know what to expect in dealing with customs. I'll mostly be traveling with pre wo supps, creatine, DAA, ephidrine/caffine, and the essentials like multi vit, fish oil, ALA. Has anyone had any problems getting supps through customs in other countries??


I think it may depend on which european country's you are going to but from personal experience i have had my bags checked in England and in Norway both times having pretty much all what you listed and they didnt seem bothered about them at all just did a quick swab to make sure there was no signs of drugs and that was it, seemed like they were more worried about people bringing in drugs or more tobacco and alcohol than allowed then my supps but you never know if your going to get a jobsworth prick who takes there job way to seriously


I always bring my multi, omegas, protein powder and creatine when I travel..

I went to the US by car and plane, no problem

I went to Cuba, no problem

I went in Europe (France and Italy), no problem (even if creatine is banned in france..)

Im from Canada.

Hope this helps


Thanks guys


a surefire way to get through customs no problem is to make sure and put your creatine into tiny individual serving sized baggies with no label.


Lol, nice.


I used to go to Europe all the time on tour. I would ship a box of everything to myself (protein bars, almonds, protein powder, pre-wo powder, etc). Once you're there you should be straight, as you pretty much don't deal with customs after you arrive (excluding UK and sometimes Switzerland).


Ok cool. I was under the impression that each time I crossed a border into another country I would be dealing with them again.


It really depends on the country. In most cases you won't have any problems. The worst that can happen is that they will take your supps away, or some of them (like the ephedrin, which you probably aren't allowed to import into all European countriey).

You could buy the basic stuff over here. I could help you with that.

Chees, PA


They will sometimes do border checks, but this is during big events like Eurocup to keep know hooligans out, or if there is Roma, Turks, or a wave of migrant workers.

common european customs:


you will get far more grief going back into the US with them than going anywhere else in my experience. Im also not originally from the US and on a work visa so i get questioned about more or less everything.


I have never had any problems bringing supplements into or out of any country.