Going Overseas for 2 Weeks, Disruption?

Hey guys,

I have a slight predicament with an overseas trip I am taking and the lack of access to my gear. It is a 2 week snowboard trip, and I’m not going to risk carrying this with me through customs etc.

Current cycle history is:

Blast 1 - 500mg/wk Test E 14 weeks
Cruise 1 - 200mg/wk Test E 10 weeks
Blast 2 - 750mg/wk Test E 14 weeks (end of this blast will mark when I leave for the trip).
*I intend to cruise after this blast

What would be the best option here given I cannot take anything with me? I could simply skip 2 weeks of pinning (not ideal) and start the cruise as soon as I am home, or take a large hit just before departing? But realistically I am completely unsure what the hell to do given the compound is test E, and the reduce huge hormone fluxuations.

Any solid advice on the matter mucho appreciated.


If you have a mailing address where you are going, you could try mailing it ahead to yourself. That’s assuming you are staying at a resort or hotel and not bouncing from one place to another. Only other option I can think would be if you know someone there who might be able to source some for you.