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Going Over Your MTW


I a fairly explosive guy when it comes to squatting. I would usally squat 90 perfect of my my max and not grind. Im guessing CT made the percentages for simplicity sake. Well my question is would it be ok to go over your MTW since im more explosive than other people?


doing it for 1 set is different then doing it for 13 sets...


Can you elborate more please? I doing high performance mass so I might get a couple sets with 315 for 3 reps with wave loading. If otherwise I was not doing HPM I would do 315 for at least 8. That said would there be any reason not to do it even if the percentages for your 3rm says otherwise?


As long as you still feel every rep is explosive, rocket-launch or w/e, I would say that you could go above the 80 percentage. I suppose the 80% is just a guide-line to where most people would be able to still accelerate the weight.


I don't get the question... you test your mtw, and that should be your max... that's why it's called max training weight. You then spend 3 weeks increasing the volume and amount you train at and around MTW. after 3 weeks you add just a little more, and then at the end of 6 weeks you retest your MTW.

This program isn't all about strength, but combines the best of both worlds, strength and hypertrophy, something to keep in mind maybe.