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Going Out Tonight, Drinking is a Possibility


First, i'd like to say i was really confused about where to post this thread. I thought it would be at least ok here.

The thing is, i'm going out to a party tonight, where drinking is an actual possibility. I'm not planing to get shitfaced, just a couple of shots. Since it's been quite a while since i last drank, my doubt is: how could these couple of shots affect me, and, is there anything i can do throughout the day (pre party and post party) to reduce any possible effect?


It won't affect you at all. Balls to the wall!


I'll give it a shot, see what happens.


anything less then 3 (40%) u should be fine, if you are a weak drinker 3-6 should cause something, and 7+ most people get affected



Unless you are under the age of 18 this question is retahdid (done in RI accent)


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Drink lots of water post drinking.

Don't drink and drive.


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Another vote for not driving.



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Please rephrase the question.


If you eat something like bread before drinking, it will require more drinks to get you drunk than drinking on an empty stomach. This is obvious but I just wanted to make note of it, because some people think they know their limits, and then they drink on a completely empty stomach and spend the night hugging the toilet.


3 shots??
Ok, that isn't regarded as a lot of drink in the US is it??


I don't have a refernce on hand but last I checked eating bread and crap like that doesn't keep you from getting drunk faster. It may ease your stomach and keep you from becoming dehydrated as fast but have no doubt in your mind that the alcohol will get into your bloodstream at about the same rate whether you eat or not. You will still be as drunk, but you will feel a lot better eating.

On another note I find that the worst thing about drinking is that if you get trashed, you are probably pretty likely to eat lots of shitty food. Then if you get hungover it can cost you a day of workouts. No one night of drinking will kill progress but if we are talking once a week and can really slow you down as far as cutting fat goes. If your trying to put on muscle once a week of getting a good buzz probably wont slow you down unless your drinking starts to completely fuck up your eating and gym scheduel.

There is a fun artical on drinking the working out studies and the lack of really extensive studies on the subject here. It came out back in September I think. Search for it.


3 whole shots, huh? Cirrhosis of the liver and extreme jaundice is likely.

You seriously created a post asking for advice on this?

Get a fucking grip.