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Going Out of Town. Reload Creatine?


Im going to visit some family for the weekend from Thursday night and arriving back home Monday morning.. 3 days, I dont plan on taking supplements with me and was wondering if i would have to Re-load on creatine when i get back.


You never have to "load" creatine in the first place...


If i were you and wanted peace of mind, i'd start loading right now.


Can't hurt you but may not help you either. You dont have to load creatine at. You just reach the saturation point faster doing so. But if you've been on long enough, the same thing will happen whether you load it or not. And creatine will not leave your body any slower once you've reached that point when you stop taking it whether you load again or not.


Computer malfunction. No idea why it posted that many times.


In the 15 yrs Ive used Creatine supplements Ive never loaded.And research today shows you never have to cycle it either.Theres no benefit to going on and off it at all,unless your paranoid of staying on it too long.You wouldnt cycle protein would ya?The only reason I stop taking it is because after a few months I usually get sick and tired of shoving it down my throat twice a day so I take a break.

And if you miss a dose its okay because it stays in your system for 3 weeks after you stop usage.I use it every other day or only on training days.Stop wastin the money,ya know what I mean?So to answer your question,no.3 days wont hurt at all.