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Going Out of State... Need Help

In a couple of weeks I will be going to New Mexico. Problem is where I’ll be staying their is no gym. How can I can I continue to gain muscle or keep what I have for the next 3 months? I guess for the most part I will be doing BW stuff, I have a pull-up bar but thats about it. I might be able to take a bar with about 120lbs of weight.

If it makes a difference or matters my current numbers are:

SQUAT: 225 LBS for sets of 3 reps

Focus more on plyometrics and strong man training. Jump onto boxes, do drills. And every town has a trash dump, so find a big tire, make a sled to drag around, carry logs around the yard, push your car…use your environment and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Get some jump stretch bands (in addition to above).