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Going on Holiday to Thailand. Sending Gear Home?

Hello, this is my first post and was wanting some help. Going to be going to Thailand and I have studied gear for awhile and decided to pull the plug and take my excercises to the next level. I figured that country was a good place to start/look.

Just curious if anyone has gone over there for this reason and if so what was your experiences with it and any helpful information.

Let me get this right your going to Thailand for the sole purpose to run a cycle?

You’ve been watching too much Tony huge on YouTube!

Seriously tho best of luck. There is probably a ton of other places I’d pick over Thailand if my only objective was to cycle. Unless of course you have a thing for lady boys.

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Some of them ladybois are very convincing. Don’t knock it till you try it. This one time in San Diego, … lets just say, the only way I knew was from the whisker burn.


Shit especially when your all jacked up on testosterone and the only thing you can think about is bustin a nut!

no, I mainly wanted to get quality gear and send it home. Only going for a few weeks and touring around.

That is…not an awesome idea? You can get quality gear without leaving your living room and certainly without buying it overseas and then figuring out how to ship it home. Your plan works better in 1987 than it does in 2019.


That is what I wanted to know, based off that I won’t do it there then. Thank you