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Going on Gear for the First Time Ever...


Ok, im entering the 'darkside' and am seriouly looking into usuing AAS so now i ask the gurus present on this page.
i've been training naturally for prob 9-10 years now. been bodybuilding, boxing, kickboxing but have always maintained pushing the bars. after stoping and starting and stopping again only to start again fresh now, i have definantly hit my platue and have been there for some time now. Hence, i need to shock this body and add some serious size coz nature has only taken me so far, for which i am still grateful for.

well here goes, as this is my first cycle i am starting off very basic but im sure my body will react to it like a charm. im aiming to go on a sust stack only 500mgs injecting twice a week mon and fri for 10 weeks

will have novladex at hand to spear off any side effects and keep as much as i have gained but when should i start the Novladex?

what gains can i expect as well as losses post cycle?

also due to commitments i can only train in the mornings. only on tues,wed,thurs and box fri mornings. should i alter my jab days to fit my training?

all comments are appreciated and will seriously take sound advice on board. thanks in advance guys


well first off.."darkside"? I dunno if I wanna put in my .02 in now.

just fckin with you man...dose is good, your injections however will be too far apart, other compounds should be used for sides, where and what is your PCT ? etc

read up. stickies are at the top. good luck.

oh and as far as boxing, remember AAS increase muscle mass and strenght, tendons dont grow as fast. while on cycle watch how you hit..or in other words how hard you hit. I found out the worst way and now have chronic pain in my left elbow


500mg is more than enough for first cycle. Twice a week is fine. But you can split the doses if you want and inject every 3rd day, but not a major issue at all if you only want to do it twice a week.

Nolvadex, one week after you finish your last shot, two tabs for the first 3 days, one tab per day after for a total of 2 weeks. You can also take a tab during cycle if you feel nipple sensitivity.

I would suggest you ditch the boxing for the cycle and just do another day at the gym.

How much will you gain? Depends on how hard you work. Steroids don't magically build muscle. You need a clean diet, 1000 cal over maintenence at minimum and lift hard, heavy and progressively. i.e. add weight/reps every week. Its up to you. You should gain a couple of kilos of solid lean muscle, which doesn't sound much but will be very noticeable and a good foundation for your next cycle.

Big walls are made of litte bricks.


Wise words, it's a marathon, not a race.


sustanon every 3 or 4 days could result in an emotional rollercoaster and bring out sides, I'm speaking from personal experience. Perhaps maybe you're different, and it might work for you twice a week. But sustanon contains esters such as P which drop off very quickly, your blood levels will be unstable at twice a week. But like I said its your body.

still no mention of AIs or PCT, he's talking about having nolva on hand if sides arise. how much nolva do you have? enough for pct? adex would be better for sides. ED or EOD shot of sust would be optimal. If you have a problem shooting, you have no business going on gear.

Not trying to be a dick, just stating some facts for you. Everyone reacts different, but if I was you I'd take every precaution and every possible step to minimize side effects. Shooting sustanon twice a week is just retarted. You will have too many spikes in test, and other days lows.

but go ahead and try twice a week, if you can tolerate feeling like shit on some days thumbs up


Something like some Test-Cyp might be a better choice for 2x a week. . . he is right.


I would think more frequent injections of smaller volumes are less painful anyway.


sust has proponaite. if i were you i'd inject every day. but i guess you won't be comfortable with that so STICK TO EVERY OTHED DAY. you are a boxer so make sure everything is extra perfect even if it was more injection.
inject 0.5 ml every other day with a slin pin (no for the glutes though). very easy or pick a long ester test.
YOU MUST USE AN AI (adex or letro....)
good luck


Why should he start Nolvadex only 1 week after his last shot? I was under the impression sust has a mix of esters of which the longest is Decanoate which has a half life of 14 days? So by the end of the first week he will still have the longer esters of test in his blood, the whole point on PCT is to start it when you are completely cleared of all drugs from your system? He will still be getting suppressed while taking the nolva.




thanks for the info. In regards to the boxing, im aiming to do jst an hour solo session to stay in shape and not to lose technique while im on the juice. Are you saying i shouldnt hit full pelt or just take it easy on the bags? i've been advised by other users on this post to jack in boxing altogther whilst on the course. what r your thoughts?


Really? like i sed, i am new to the game so pardon my misgivings. r u suggesting to shot up once every two days? isnt that overload considering this is my first cycle?


Reading some of the posts and there are varied views on taking Nova. some say no point taking them for a basic cycle..some say to use it whilst on the gear to nullify the side affects before they begin..whilst this post sudggests its best to do it after the cycle. This stuff can get very confusing!


much love and respect for the feedback guys. Am truly appreciative.

There is one thing i need to know. Im hitting the juice to 'shock' the body into some extra growth. I've kept my cycle basic as i dnt want to go into it all guns blazing only to come full of holes (no irony intended!)But now that i go on a cycle, does that mean i'll be using for the rest of my sports life? is it sumthin i'd have to go one yearly to maintain?


You need to read the stickies... especially the one about first cycles. I would just go with the basic 500mg test e split into 250mg E3d, add dbol at the beginning or end, and make sure you have proper PCT planned.

While on, nolva is not your best option. The easiest this is arimidex. Letro is great, but a little harder to find the dose that works best for some people, based on what I have read.
Just a low dose of arimidex while on will prevent estrogen related sides, and then after you end the cycle wait till the drugs clear your system (this depends on what you use), but usually about 2 weeks, then start the PCT of nolvadex.
Go read the sticky for first cycles. It will tell you everything you need to do to make your first cycle successful.


Im suggesting a shot every 2 days at LEAST given the prop ester being part of sustanon, everyday would be best. You won't overload, take the 500mg and divide by 7, and thats your daily dose.

I was suggesting you don;t hit as hard, especially on the heavybags, as you will be significantly stronger which will make you more prone to injury. then ur gunna spend your cycle in recovery. You won't lose your technique, once yoiu have your footwork down and strikes proper, it's just a matter of refreshing it. I still got mine after years of not training,.


Probably. I don't know anyone who has just done one cycle.

You don't have to use after your first cycle, but you will want to.

E2D injections.
Use an ai.
Use nova if your nipples get itchy.
Taper your test.
And get your pct organized.

And as for boxing. Keep training, just be careful. Most likely you won't get an injury do to steroids or the growth of tissue, but be careful and monitor yourself with regards to any injury.