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Going on a Date with My 6th Grade Teacher


lol, i don't even know what to suggest we do

aside from hitting her and PIIHB


Dude this chick totally wanted to bone you in the sixth grade...You could have been in the papers.


I'll be down ASAP for this MMF. She can try to teach us Algebra, but we're two of the school clowns so we don't listen and she keeps us after school for detention and some " extra lessons". Ofcourse while she tries to teach us we're making sexually mocking faces while almost going nuts because we're also terrible porn actors. We then bring up the subject of MMF and she is automatically naked.

On the real though, How Old is she?


whoop that trick


Get in there!

This is great, keep us updated.


I wanted to nail so many teachers and professors.

Hit that shit two times for the rest of the world's population man.


Go for it, become a legend amongst men


Post more pictures


Hey HM IF your looking to have a MMF with her, hit me up!!!
You got my number.

Oh yeah Vids or it didnt happen!


Hahaha I love how you always have a screen cap/pics to back up your outrageously awesome claims. Hats off, sir.


You're my idol.


He lives by pics or it didn't happen, how can he go against his own system of rules. If he didn't then it would be outrageous.


Mac for Pres in 2012!

Let us know how it goes man... Kind of an interesting scenario to say the least.


pics or it didnt happen mac


If this turns out like another "Lunk Alarm Incident" I will be soooooo sad.


(It's not me, it's the seething green ball of envy talking)


Shes flirty, she lifts, from her picture she looks cute (we need more pictures to be sure)
Shes divorced, probably not SIGNIFICANTLY older than you.

Take her on a good ole fashioned date, not dinner and a movie, do something nice.

I cant tell if she is looking to hook up or not from just that, it sounds like it, but either way you can still show her a good time.

She did teach your big ass after all, and its not like she got paid much for it. You kinda "owe her".


don't really want to put her face up yet.

will def put up full pics when i go see her.

trust me, she's hot. and she looks great in a bikini.

i would imagine she's in her late 30's?

6th grade for me was ~10 years ago


damn son, nice job

when I was in school there were no hot teachers.

now I know probably about 5 super hot teachers.


Not to mention, from the little photo there, she is quite the looker. This should be fun.

edit: DAMN, the little pic does not lie.