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Going on 66, Old and Broken

Hi everyone, @KSman you around?
I’ve been training most of my life I’m 66 years old 5’9" currently 185+/-, haven’t worked out for over 6 years here’s why ---- injuries, no drive feel like shit all the time. Been on T since 1998 my pituitary sucks… got on Hcg that works great but now fighting my new insurance to cover it this year.
Felt great till I started to break down i.e.

  1. 8 years ago Torn Right Long Head Bicep - I was in great condition when it tore got it pinned just below the shoulder so its sort of ok.
  2. about 6 years ago I tore my ab’s or Rectus Abdominus - lifting cut green oak for fire wood - the assholes cut the rounds in 4’ sections they weighed around 145+ I then lifted them up into my 4x4. I believe that’s when I started to tear? lifting logs up 3’+ is a bitch. Try lifting a green bale of hay with not hay forks onto a flat bed!
  3. then noticed umbilical hernia - Doc said if it gets worse then see me??? He’s not a big fan of Mesh as he would have put a full mesh in me to fix my abs
  4. 6/15 I tore my Mcl/Acl Meniscus, I got thrown onto the asphalt months later I then started having back issues.
  5. 8/16 MRI showed L2-3 T1-2 severe arthritis, degeneration of the spine and Scoliosis. I’ve had T1-2 issues ever since I was 35 the bigger issue’s are now L2-3
  6. I’ve had multiple spinal injections which SUCK now I’m waiting for surgery OR if I had the money Stem Cell replacement a mere $8500+ but insurance won’t pay.
  7. 1/15 kidney stone

Bloods - NOTE: 6/9/16 post Cancun Vacation= Booze + broken knee T 1ml2xwk
1/24/15 1/27/16 6/9/16 9/23/16
RBC 5.58 n/a 5.7 6.20
Hemo 15.9 15.9 17.8 19.9
Hema 52.4 n/a 52.3 57.5
Glucose serum 105 102 104 110
Creatinine 1.26 129 1.24 1.42
ALT(SGPT) 28 n/a 42 45
Cholesterol 213 245 225 220
Triglycerides 129 266 228 300
HDL 48 42 37 34
VLDL 26 53 46 60
LDL 139 150 142 126
T serum 127 158 341 689
FreeT 4.2 13.5 24.4 n/a
T4 1.18 1.18 n/a n/a
TSH 1.15 1.14 1.14 n/a
iodine, ser/plasma 57.6 n/a n/a n/a
Vitamin D n/a n/a n/a 30.2

Clearly the above information shows lack of exercise I don’t have the motive drive anything no problem in the sex side though?
Since my Hemo was high I cut back on the T to 7-14 days 1 ml Hcg 1ml same time or .5ml split.
However going back to 1ML 1Xwk Hcg same or 2xwk I don’t have much left and the price is $345.00 for Generic Novarel is $346.00 WTF… I NEGLECTED MY Anastozole protocol Stupid me thought it was only for use with Hcg. so 1mg e3 days
ALSO most importantly I am now experiencing TENDON issues they are becoming brittle hence Sermorlin however I have no idea where to get it and the doctor I have isn’t on board with me on it. SO I contacted a Hormone Doctor specialist also known as “Young for Life” type doc
TO see him will cost me not including labs $800.00 they send you a “Special Urine Test” which is then sent to Florida as the doctors office said they are the only people who do this special test… Really???

I need to get back my MOJO, need to fix my back, abbs, tendons and get my ASS BACK up and start WEIGHT TRAINING… How can I train with these condidtion’s???
Taking T without training is like jacking off with sand although T is needed so is Hcg which I find really helps out in the sex department. I need to lower my cholesterol I eat clean no JUNK FOOD. I have severe Sleep Apnia and do have a CPAP, problem is I wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes stay up for hours… My brain starts working before my body wants too.

So how do I train with my broken body?

Please any advice would be appreciated
Thank you for taking the time to read

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Thanks ChickenLittle
I never post just read stuff.