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Going on 2 Weeks on TRT. Stomach Bloating

I’m about 2 weeks on trt and for about 3 days now my stomach has been bloated. Is this normal would it body balance out in due time or should I be taking something to combat this.

You’re 3 weeks into your protocol, levels are fluctuating. It will take 6 weeks for all levels to become stable before you truely “start” benefiting from TRT. If you expect rock hard erections in 6 weeks, you may be disappointed.

Nothing you can do but be patient as major changes can take 6-12 months “if” not already on a doomed protocol.

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Ok I really appreciate your input brother

Another thing, you will be fine tuning your protocol for the next several months or possibly longer and will soon narrow down what ranges work best for you.

Please post all pre-TRT labs.

What is your protocol?

Water weigh and sensitive nipples are pretty standard when starting TRT.
Don’t panic just give your protocol and your body time to adjust.
You should be entering the honeymoon phase soon warn your wife.

I’m only a few days away from reaching a stable state and bloating has subsided substantially! Only days ago the end of the huge intense fluctuations stopped suddenly at the end of week #5 and felt a kind of crash as the fluctuations simmered down and today I started feeling amazing.

When is the honeymoon state usually?

Not everyone will experience a honeymoon phase, but in general it happens quickly if at all.

I wonder if hes describing said feeling even after being on for 6 years??

What do you think?

Im not trying to change the topic. I just think this effect should be quantified alittle bit.

Finally, someone that knows what they are talking about! excellent response. More should read it and it should be posted all over the forum. How many posts do we read where someone is bitching and crying because they don’t feel anything different yet when it has only been 4-6 weeks. It takes months not weeks and that is with a good protocol.

@luidox33 I love the video!!!
More is not better with trt

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Yeah this guy is a wealth of Knowledge.