Going off HCG + Clomid

Hi there,

Due to low Testosterone level (because using steroids in the past), I’ve taken HCG (5000 iu per week) and Clomid (1 tab eod). My doctor prescribed it.
T. level increased in this 8 weeks very much. At the beginning I had low level, right now I have almost maximum on the scale (blood test).

Now, Doctor said that I should stop using both. Is that all right?
What confusing me, I’ve always been thinking that after using HCG you need to use Clomid. Just is needed to use Clomid longer. But maybe not in this case?

What do you guys think? Can stop using both?

All other hormones (FSH, LH etc) are in scale.

Unfortunately your blood work isn’t very instructive. Having high numbers while on HCG and Clomid are expected. What matters now is where your numbers end up after you’ve been off for a while. I would follow your doctor’s advice and retest in 6-8 weeks.

With this blood work, you should be able to stop without needing a Clomid “PCT”.

Also; thanks for proving my long standing argument on here, that HCG itself doesn’t suppress the H and P. If it would, Clomid wouldn’t work with it, but it does. You are one example.

Iron - thank you for the reply! and yes you’re right and I know it.
I’m thinking if I should use clomid right now for a some time or not.

@lordgains - thanks!
Sorry, but what H. and P. is?

By the way, I spoke yesterday with some person about this and he said that in PCT (and HCG dosing in general), almost the most important is Estradiol level. Estradiol can’t be over the scale (so IA is needed). And thanks to that - HCG is not “blocking” natural production.

There are some protocols for only HCG (or HMG) and IA (he likes Aromasin) for recovery. Without Clomid/Nolva et. all.

My Estradiol level is 45 (I took Aromasin in those last 2 months), the scale is up to 42, so I have a little bit more, I’ll eat more IA. And basically that would be finish, I think…

Don’t think I’d agree with that at all. Don’t see many ppl recommending an AI during PCT either.

You want LH & FSH up to restart TT to convert to e2. That’s the goal of any PCT.

If HCG doesn’t suppress your HPGA then it won’t lower FH & LSH. Haven’t seen any labs suggesting that yet tho

He is technically correct but it’s I’ll advised to take an AI instead of a SERM when a SERM would suffice.

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Update - My Estradiol level at the finish was 45 (scale is up to 42). I took 2 tabs Aromasin, today again blood test, and my level is <15… f…ck :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is will increase naturally? or should I pin some HCG?

Whoops. I wouldn’t take anything, you’ll get into this habit of trying to raise then lower then raise, you get the idea.

Ride it out.

What’s your goal again? You’re coming off everything right?

Yep. I want to come off :wink:

Well I’m not going to continue this topic too long, I’ll take the last shot of HCG (little, max. 1000iu), and I’ll eat last few Clomid tabs, and I’m sure this Estradiol will increase to a good level (not too high). And that will be finish :wink:

Thanks guys for the feedback.