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Going Off Creatine...


I tried creatine for about a month and a half and gained 15lbs, starting at 185lbs and ending at 200lbs. How much weight can I expect to lose when I stop using creatine? How long will this take?
Obviously I am more focused on body composition than overall weight but I am just curious. Any help would be much appreciated!



I wouldn't think more than a few pounds due to loss of water retention. Gains on creatine are hardly enough to be lost after you stop using it.


I am going to say that those 15 lbs were not because you took creatine. Creatine does not make that huge of an effect. I have stopped using it because it made so small of a difference that I couldn't notice it.

You probably gained 15 lbs because of your diet not the creatine. I like to think that creatine only makes a 1% difference (that may not be correct but from my results with it, that is what I think).


Its diffrent for everybody. Im not saying the creatine gave him 15 lbs. of muscle, but it could have done less for you then him.


5lbs tops.


Thanks for the answers! How long will it take for the few pounds of water weight to go away? Few weeks? A month?

Thanks again for your input.


2 lbs for me


I start to notice weight loss within a day or so. The biggest difference for me is training volume. When I am not on a cycle, I definitely notice a decrease in output.


I lose about 5lbs of water over 1-3 days after stopping creatine.


Just out of curiousity, does losing the water weight mean you also lose the size you gained from the cell expansion?


HO! FUCK! going off creatine cold turkey! You might have suicidal psychotic episodes. Non issue dude, discontinue use and go on your merry way.


depends on what kind of creatine you were taking..if it was strictly monohydrate it can be half your gains..did you feel bloated or smooth or do your feel real tight still..depends like i said because creatinine from monohydrate causes excess water retention


So... a week from now I should have lost all the "water weight" and know how much weight was muscle?... Oh well. I'll figure it out as I go.
I never felt any different while on it, as far as bloating goes. My lift numbers increased and the typical workout didn't seem as hard as it used to be. I do look a little pudgier around my mid-section now tho - is this the water weight that people are talking about?


yeah it can be and if your muscles feel smooth

its the effect of creatinine...creatine monohydrate when put in water or any liquid breaks down into creatinine a toxin

and thats what truly causes the bloating feeling/water retention between the skin in muscle aka the bad kind cuz water retention in the muscle cell is the good kind when on creatine...

also another side effect is the shits lol

an because of the monohydrate breaking down into creatinine atleast half of the creatine you take goes to waste...

supposebly thats why they made cee..creatine ethyl ester

the creatine is bonded with ester a animal fat i think..and it is able to release over a period of time giving the body time to absorb the creatine better

also kre alkalyn is a good choice because they manipulate the monohydrate's ph level so it isnt broken down so easily by liquids

an supposebly thats why one gram of kre alkalyn is equal to 10 grams of creatine monohydrate in its basic form

which isnt necessarily true..it just gets absorbed better into the body not wasting the product..which means you take less

sorry for the novel thats what i learned the other day

if its true or not im not sure but yeah

its good to know for your next creatine cycle i guess


another reason for your midsection feeling pudgier is that certain creatines is loaded with atleast 50grams of sugar

which gets you fat haha

theirs an article on here somewhere


You'll def lose like 50 pounds


Nice picture.


I lose about 3lbs... Time on = time off... and get your blood work done...


Yeah man, creatine is dangerous stuff, make sure to strictly adhere to cycle protocols. Your you can keep some gains by eating some more calories when cycling off that stuff, just watch the carbs, without creatine you will put on more fat then muscle.

I'm tired and my previous paragraph was suppose to drip with sarcasm. Don't cycle creatine, thats stupid, don't worry about your blood work, thats also stupid. You can get rid of your mid section creatine bloat in the course of a single day by drinking lots of water.