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Going Nowhere. Need Test Booster?


Hey all. I have been lifting for years on my own and with a trainer since 2008. I train 3-4 days a week, but I have not seen any real results. I am 5'7" 173 pounds. I recently starting doing cardio after my weight training and cut about 8 pounds of mostly fat. I try and eat healthy because I am 36 and need to watch my cholesterol and sodium.

I just re-started my supliments (BCAA's & Post and pre workout protein drink). When I was in my 20's, my body responded much quicker to lifting. I assume my age and decreased testosterone levels are playing a large role here. Can anyone recomend a SAFE testosterone booster?

Do those products actually work. Also, can anyone forward me a diet and workout program that will help me pack on some lean muscle mass? I spend a lot of time in the gym and I really do not have much to show for it.

Please help.



Sounds like your trainer sucks. Why not use the search function, go to the beginner forums, and read up on a whole lot. You've essentially asked someone to provide you with all the pieces to the puzzle for free.

If you're looking for diet and training, either hire someone out or as I said, go and actually read the multitude of free articles and information provided by T-Nation.



I'd like to encourage you to get in touch with Biotest customer service for some recommendations. They'd be glad to help. If you're interested, feel free to call 1-800-525-1940, or send an email to service@biotest.net.


Seconded, read the stickies in the beginner forum, then come back and ask specific questions.

With regards to Test boosters, they don't really ever do that much, but TRIBEX (I don't think Biotest carries it anymore) or Alpha Male are both safe test boosters, but you really need to get your training and diet in line first.


I've found since getting into my late 30's that the Alpha Male does indeed help with my recovery, BUT I train damn hard at least 5x a week, and have my diet in check. If you square that all away, a T-booster can help. Just don't go into this thinking it will magically make up for a less than decent training and nutrition program.



im only 21 but i use tribulus, tongkat, and now DAA on a daily basis and find it helps alot. although i got my testosterone tested and it was only 429ng/dl so i have an excuse to use it at my age.


You didn't provide a whole lot of info.. what type of training or workout you do, how long you have worked out, what you want to accomplish...

You have to set a goal first, do you want to be lean? (you said you have recently lost 8 lbs), or gain muscle weight? It is hard to do both at the same time.
If you want to gain muscle you need to not dick off in the gym (not saying you do), but most people I see in the gym either don't work hard enough, don't want it bad enough, don't have a goal, and do the same shit year round.

Don't make polite converstion... focus on what you want and what your supposed to be doing..work your ass off you should not be in the gym more than say hour and 15 min. Your workouts should challenge you.. sometimes you should dread them..you need to push yourself further than before.

My suggestion do a MWF workout..

a basic workout on M/F

Squats-Squat to parrallel or below (not slight knee bend) and not on a smith machine, Squat in a Rack with the bar on your back 10 sets 8-4 reps twice a week
Pull ups -not on a machine or pull downs (you should be able to do this) if you can do 10 reps add weight 2 x week 10 sets 5-8 reps
Pick 1 chest exercise & 1 ONLY! incline, flat, or decline bench you can use either barbell or dumbell & do 10 x 5 reps (no flyes or machines) change the exercise up each week

On Wed
Military standing barbell press 5 x 5
Deadlifts 8 x 4- 1 x week
Barbell rows 8 x 5 again not on a machine free weight
Dips- if you can do 10 with your bodyweight you should be doing these with weight 5-8 reps 6 sets

To me the work is more important than supplements, get a good Protein shake and thats all you need as far as supplements.
If you have never thrown up from working out, either your not working hard enough or your not pushing yourself hard enough...
Good Luck


where did you get this piece of crap from? do you really think this guy is going to be able to recover from squatting 10 sets of 8 twice a week? and deadlift on wednesday? unlikely. especially if he is on in a caloric deficit.

is this the routine you do?


He provided more then enough info.

His trainer sucks

He doesn't eat enough.

He needs to read the stickies in the Bodybuilding forum.

Stupid WO, btw.


You try to eat healthy...
OK, that's good.
But are you sure that your macro's are in order?


hey Josh, this isnt really detailed enough for us to make any educated suggestions. I have to ask, what on earth are you paying your trainer for? all that time and money and no progress is ridulous! Do they actually sit down with you and assess your goals/progress? Take measurements, ask how you're feeling about your programme etc...?


Agree re food and training..JV, post your meal and training plans!


fire your trainer

i hope he didnt tell you the lack of results were due to your testosterone levels...


Total test levels vary a lot with people, that may not mean you have a low testosterone, loads of people function perfectly at levels lower than that. Your free test levels matter as well, if your free test levels are high or average then your total may not be an issue...

Just for thought purposes, I'm not condemning the use of tribulus and all that.