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Going Into the Army Next Month, Need Advice

new to T-Nation
I’m 18 from Israel, and next month IDF is taking me for 3 years to be frontline soldier.

I am considering brining suplments to the army:
Should I take protain shakes or gainers? Or maybe something else?

the food is pretty basic- bread, cheese, tuna, rice and meat.

Currently I’m training 2 years, 6foot 68KG, Taking 30g protain shake after each training- 4-5 times a week

My goals are 1. NOT LOSING MUSCLE 2. Gaining muscle

thx & peace =]

Ever try reading some of the hundreds of articles on here about nutrition and supplements?

You’re inquiry VERY broad.

If you feel hungry between meals and/or need to eat more than provided, either buy more food for snacks or buy meal replacement and protein drinks and food bars to replace snacks.

First, can you even bring supplements with you for basic training? I’m assuming you are about to go into some type of boot camp, so look into that.

Secondly, just eat a lot of food man, stuff yourself at every meal. Hopefully they feed you good over there. Best of luck.

Why do so many guys want to gain muscle before they go to recruit training? Especially when you say you’re leaving next month… How many times has this been posted on here? I will say it again, unless you get 8+ hours of sleep a night and a calorie surplus in the Israeli military, forget about it.

Military training is highly catabolic, and everyone I went through training with looked like marathon runners when it was all said and done with. Everyone got “big” when they got out in the fleet and spent time on base and/or a ship. You should just focus on running and doing bodyweight stuff so you’ll make it easier for yourself. Just my opinion though, and best of luck with your career pal :wink:

PB Andy- yup I can bring suplements.
The food is not all that great in the army and there is limited ammount of meat you can take each meal.

The dilema is whether to take Protain shakes, Or gainers.
Or maby some vitamins


take whatever you can. i ate like an animal at every meal in basic. we were not allowed sups or gym time. if you can bring it bring the vitamins for sure. the shakes are going to be a pain in the ass during training, but if you have down time after use the one you like better.

gainers only work for me if i use them every day . when i was in the service there was no way of telling what i was doing day to day. i would go with just protein.

and most likely you will lose size no matter what you do from all the running.