Going Insane from Side Effects, 2 Year Blast

How much Caber did you take?

Ok man. Just some afterthoughts for you. If you get a problem like this again:

  1. State your whole history of use. Tren especially.

  2. Get blood work done if something feels or is wrong ASAP.

  3. Don’t consider killing yourself just yet, it might be as simple as taking one pill.

  4. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. It’s Ockhams razor. If you used tren and the dick ain’t working, then it probably is prolactin, not Cortisol. So be informed about that upfront.

Yes caber is a powerful drug. Don’t abuse it. It has very positive effects on sexual function but it has strong side effects. So if you need it take it, if not then don’t take it for fun.




ED came back with a vengeance last night. I have not really used caber in a while either. I took another .25 maybe a couple days after my last update and that was it.

Took another .5mg of caber after seeing the girl to see if things go back to normal or not. Will update again soon.

Fuck, how did trenbolone cause so much shit…

Any update ?

I have a feeling it’s not the lowering of the prolactin that’s helping you as much as the caber mimicking dopamine in the brain.

Just my thoughts on it.

because that is a steroid with the most sides and you should never have used it if you were planing to just quit everything anyway…

Any updates ? I’m having the same issue after a tren and test cycle, after multiple PCT trials and dozens of blood works, I eventually decided to stop taking any PCT and leave it to my own body to fix, it’s been two months now, my hormonal lab tests are normal but still have ED.
Please help, I’m devastated

@Napster007 seriously man… stop revisiting years old threads. Look at the last post. Most of these guys are gone. Just start a new thread with your issues and ask questions.

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I’m sorry that I constanly reply to old threads, it’s because I think that these people must have figured out a solution for the problem in one way or another after this long time, or maybe time has fixed it, it gives me hope that I’m really missing it right now.
Maybe someone is there to reply and help me getting back to track, cuz I got tired of trial and error and I’m losing it.
I’ll try to post my own thread.