Going Insane from Side Effects, 2 Year Blast

Sounds like you have identified your issue. Many men experience ED after Nand and Nand derivatives (Tren). I think the answer is time, not more gear. I think reasonable TRT is fine, and will likely help.

As much as I think I need time, I simply don’t want to be another guy who has to wait 10 years for tren dick to go away.

When this happened last time, I upped my test to 800mg, took caber, cialis and zinc and it worked like a charm in 4 days. Hopefully I will try everything again this time but don’t have to up my test to 800. I didn’t even test my prolactin levels last time.

I will post the blood test results tonight, and I hope not only I get some clarification, but anyone that has tren dick or ED in general will learn something from this thread.

Do one think at a time. That way you know what works / doesn’t work. Maybe try P5P first to lower prolactin to see if that works (less harsh than caber). Do this first if blood work shows that prolactin is high. If it is mid range, I would try the cialis next. If that works take it for a bit, and see if you can taper off. Zinc isn’t going to hurt, but I doubt it is what fixes the issue. Don’t just run 800 mg of test all the time. Reasonable TRT doses should work in the long term, you just need to think long term.

@mnben87 is absolutely right with P5P on prolactin. I just want to add that in regards to sexual function dopamine agonists like caber have their own benefits. Dopamine is an extremely important Transmitter in the sexual function cascade. So taking caber might not be the same as taking P5P in this case.

Caber has severe side effects, you run the risk of going into a psychotic episode if you abuse it, so be careful.

What do you mean by a psychotic episode? Please elaborate. That sounds very messed up.

Here we go. Blood results from today,

Currently taking 250mg test C weekly (dosed 125mg twice a week), 0.25 adex eod, and 50mg proviron daily.

As suspected, prolactin is high.

Any input guys?


Would I be allowed to make a new thread in the TRT section following my bloods?

P5P. Take it soon. If you’re not better in a week then it’s not prolactin.


How is my coristol levels? anything of concern? Sorry I’m bad at reading labs.

With your SHBG you might wanna go to EOD or daily

I don’t see cortisol, unless I’m missing it …

Sorry, it wasn’t done at the time.

My cortisol came back at 394 nmol/L, and the reference range says Reference Interval.


Blockquote250mg test puts me at high normal levels (came back at 870 on last blood test)

BRO! Your labs show 250mg/week Test C has your free test levels very high above 1328pmol/L!!! Test C takes about 2 weeks to eliminate. If I were you, I would try 100-150mg/week Test C, wait a week and retest blood testosterone. Also, I didn’t see you saying you blocking Estrogen, hopefully your not!
Hormone balance is important!
T/E2 ratio is a balance that is important!
High estrogen is bad and so is low!
WHo knew ROID RAGE was actually due to High estrogen?!?!
High E = water gain Low E = Dry joints and tissue.

T/E2 ratio normal is 100 but debated.
Your Testosterone to Estrogen Ratio (T/E2) = 255.17
This can impact brain hormone balance.
In my bro science opinion, your E is low for the amount of blood Testosterone you show.

Other factors to think about.

How old are you?
Any vascular DZ?
Heart DZ?
Blood Pressure?
Do you do cardio?
Are you sleeping well?
Mental stress?

All these things can cause issues.

Also Mental health. If you stress mentally, it can cripple you dick EVEN when you have ZERO idea that your are actually stressed!!! Also…If you put too much pressure on performance.

BTW…10mg Cialis is Awesome! 20mg overkill!

here are some useful videos and articles that may shed some light:

The Ideal Testosterone To Estrogen Ratio In Your Blood

Estradiol in Men: Myths and Facts

Low Estrogen vs. High Estrogen in Men

Different levels of estradiol are correlated with sexual dysfunction in adult men

Why Estrogen Balance is Critical to Aging Men

Hey man, thanks for the very informational reply.

On 250mg Test c a week, my cruise levels for 850 last time I did a test.

I believe 50mg of proviron daily has my test that high.

This is likely why your SHBG is so low

You’re not on TRT, so it’s inappropriate to post threads in the TRT forum.

There’s no issues with posting your cycle labwork in Pharma, but keeping it in this thread would make even more sense since it’s follow-up on the same issue.

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Okay, thank you!

Also a general update. I am getting my cabergoline today, going to take 0.5mg today and 0.25mg for the remaining of the time, also getting bloods done again in 2 weeks.

For the future readers who might stumble upon this thread, if you guys do not hear back from me, it means that my issue was indeed prolactin related and it got solved. Best of luck.

My issue was indeed prolactin related. My dick is working just fine now. Whenever my prolactin got to the higher end of the range, ED was occurring. It did not even have to pass the reference range, just being close enough to it would cause my ED to occur.

Keep in mind, Caber is a POWERFUL fucking drug. I had another prolactin test done an hour after taking caber, and it came back at 5. Caber reduced my prolactin levels by 22 in the span of an hour. Please get blood work done guys, and don’t just take drugs to take drugs.

If you have ED, there is a reason. Find the issue and fix it.

Thank you everyone for helping me, and for your guidance. I will be an active member of this site’s forums now, and will try to spread my knowledge and experience with other members as I keep learning and growing through this journey myself.