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Going in for Surgery Tomorrow ...

Not sure if this is the right forum, but I guessed there should at least be a few that can relate or understand.

My show up time is 0530 for bilateral gyno removal.

Kind of nervous because my doc made extra sure I was aware of all the risks. But I feel it is very necessary, this problem has been a hinderance to my confidence and motivation in many areas of life for too long, to hell with it.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my life.

Good luck man, I’m sure you’ve made the right decision.

Plans on posting before and after pics? I’m sure they could help others who are contemplating having the procedure done.

You’re doing the right thing, and you will be fine.

Good luck, and congrats in advance!

Good luck man, just relax. You will be done before you know it. Let us know how things go.

Our prayers go with you bro.


Let us know how everything went. I like the way you put it, and being in your situation, I hope I can get the money someday to fix the problem. Best of luck.

if you dont mind me asking, how much is it going to run you? mine was evaluated somehwere between 7-9k. but it is sort of serious/he is considered the man when it comes to this.

there is a whole thread in the T-Cell about it too…

Not planning on putting up pics, it looks just like all the other pics, hopefully I get the same results.

I went to this guy named Dr. Bermant. Apparently he is one of the best in the country. He was quoting me at around $7k and I was figuring out my whole financial too do it.

But I said f it, I’ll let the military do it for free and take my chances. My military doctor seems pretty cool and experienced; maybe not so much with the procedure, but the method he was going to take made logical sense.

It just sux trying to hide this from everyone; haven’t even told my ‘girlfriend’ yet. Think she will notice? Haha…

If you don’t mind, what are the possible risks?

When she wants to have sex and puts her hands on ur chest youll scream in agony. So yeah she’ll notice


They can take too much and you kind of the reverse look of what I have now, a concave nipple. Kind of looks collapsed in.

You can get bad scarring if it doesnt heal properly which also looks bad.

Infection, which adds to the not healing correctly.

I’m doing this for aesthetic and comfort reasons. I’ve always been a guy with a good looking body and hoped to possibly compete one day, so this is kind of a big deal too me. Plus I like the omg looks at the beach hehe; that is my main motivation, return to greatness.

I don’t plan to have sex for at least a week, which is easy to do since she is still in college.

And she thinks I only want her for sex, so this could play in my favor…Thank you, gynecomastia!

Yo good luck man. I had it done back on Feb. 2 and mine still is puffy, nothing like it was before though. Apparently it is from scar tissue and swelling. The doc said after 6 months to a year I should see the final result. I am still partially numb in the bottom half of my chest. I know the doc you are going to and he is a very well respected doctor in the field and definetly knows what hes doing. Good luck hopefully yours goes good.

FYI, mine just like a lot of peoples looked good about a week or so post-op, but after it started to heal the scars made it puffy again, so if this happens dont panic its fairly normal.

Good luck man, if he’s one of the best in the country then hopefully the risks will be fairly low.

Good luck bro. I didn’t know the military would cover that.

I’m sure you’ll be fine, Conan! Best of luck to ya, man

Bermant is the same doc I went to for my eval. 2nd doc I have consulted in about a 3 year time. He is definitely way more in depth.

That said, financially I can not do this right now. I think by the winter time I should be able to do it, which is a better time of year anyway, since everyone is all bundled up.

Good luck with the recovery. And enjoy the rest of your life… I know I can not wait…

I guess it didn’t come out right. I went to Bermant, but it was too expensive so today I had a military doctor do it, for free; that’s where the risk was, no risk with Bermant imo.

Well from what i can tell the surgery went well and pretty easy.

They gave me percocet and I actually feel good enough to go out tonight (but not drink or do anything stupid).

The doctor said something about taking alot out on the right side, but I was too sedated still to remember correctly.

Kind of anxious to take the wraps off, but I need to wait.

I had mine done 2 weeks ago today. I put pics up if you want to see them. I feel great very little soreness. Mine was done in Orlando,Fl by Dr. Pope. Excellent job. The day after surgery I had barely any bruising. today I could not be happier with the results