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Going in circles


So, after a 7 week bulking phase I've managed to hit a all time high body weight of 225 pounds, bad news is that it's a a height of 6"3. I estimate bf to be in mid-teens. But, it is 40 heavier than when I started 3 years ago. Anyways, the bad news is that I now must diet. I am going to race superkarts this summer (PM me if you have a question about superkarts), and the weight for my class is 485lbs with driver in car. Problem. I weigh 510 pounds, and I can't give up 25 pounds. The kart can't go on a diet, I have to. I have only cut once before tdawg style, and while I did lose a fair amount of weight, about 30% was muscle. I refuse to do that again, dont' like going in circles. And to be honest there are to many ideas and concepts for me to pick, I'm a poor decision maker. I need to try and lose 15lbs of fat, while keeping as much muscle and strength as possible. Need a diet and program that will work together. What have you used in the past that worked for you? I have read past issues, faq section and all that stuff, but so many ideas go through the mag every week it's hard to keep track. I'd love to hear some thoughts, otherwise I could end up doing fat fast and 10 hours a week of cardio. Thanks in advance